A glimpse at the GCLD


Merilyn Hunter of Hot Sulphur Springs presents the Grand County Library District trustees with a printout of nearly 200 signatures in support of saving the Grand County Libraries. Trustee Mary Chance stated throughout the meeting, “We have heard you,” and the library is taking steps to analyze avenues to generate income such as charging for meeting rooms, increasing late fines and including senior citizens in book fines ,and charging more for copies and faxes.

The administrative building is also being listed for sale. However, this is not enough to offset the deficit and Nancy Knoohuizen, finance committee chair, said that at the September meeting they would be considering a budget cut of $200,000 which would include a 20% reduction in all services and closing a branch. Trustees Chance and Ann Douden have registered a campaign committee by the name of Save the Grand County Libraries. The proposed mill levy will be an increase of 0.95 and will include a sunset provision.