Alan Hassler opens new law firm

Alan Hassler
Alan Hassler

By Christy Parrott

Located at 1116 Park Avenue in Kremmling, Alan Hassler opens the doors of Hassler Law, P.C., offering his vast legal experience to Kremmling residents. Hassler’s legal career started in Kremmling after he graduated in 1981 with his law degree from Washburn Law School of Topeka, Kansas. Since, Hassler has served as County Attorney, worked with several firms, and even presented Supreme Court cases. Hassler has represented individuals, private and public entities over disputes involving all aspects of real estate, water, energy, retail, outfitters and guides, lodging, local government and community organizations, as well as special counsel to counties, municipalities and special districts.

As such, Hassler is uniquely qualified to serve the specific needs of Kremmling’s growing community. For example, when purchasing a first home or selling and upgrading, Hassler stresses that most homeowners may not even be aware of many legal issues they’re potentially facing. “Many people don’t know what they’re looking at when they are given all the contract and mortgage papers,” Hassler explains. The tome of paperwork is intimidating and often contains legal jargon that can include restrictive clauses enforced by homeowners associations, which many buyers may not recognize.

“I like doing real estate,” Hassler says. “I can help with easements — how others can use homeowner’s property, such as access between properties like telecommunication companies use.”
Often with subdivisions come restrictions enforced by homeowners covenants, but outside of subdivisions, potential buyer needs to be aware of zoning laws, because what’s being built next door could be a potential issue. Whether buying a plot of land in town or just outside the local area, it’s important for a buyer to fully understand what they’re getting into (and real estate agents may not be familiar with matters involving title, zoning laws and water- rights issues). For instance, if a parcel of land has multiple allowed zoning uses, a homeowner may eventually face living next door to a business they voted against having in their town.

Legal matters can get tricky inside the home, as well. From tenant/landlord issues to family matters, having legally binding contracts can help mitigate stressful situations. “Everyone should have a will,” Hassler insists. Families with small children, for example, can specify custody, property and monetary arrangements, in case the unthinkable happens, to protect their children and ensure the legacy of their assets, large or small. “When people hear the term ‘estate planning,’ they think it’s for the wealthy, but it isn’t. Having a sound will in place ensures minor children and surviving spouses will be taken care of,” Hassler assures. Spending a short amount of time with Hassler can save families hours of legal fees and costly procedures by ensuring compliance is met. “You don’t want to impoverish your spouse with legal matters after your death,” Hassler advises. “Rules can get pretty arcane, particularly when second families get involved. Basic things can be done to protect children and avoid probate.” Hassler doesn’t simply sell a will; he makes sure his clients have all legal documents in order, including general and medical power of attorneys.

“They’re basic documents that everyone should consider having,” Hassler explains. “A power of attorney is for while you’re alive. A will is for after your death. Without a power of attorney or a will, it’s off to court for any number of things that could have easily been avoided.”
Additionally, Hassler can help small businesses (including corporations and LLCs) accrue and maintain necessary documents. While it’s easy to get a business organization registered online with the Secretary of State, Hassler explains that it can be difficult to prove a business is a fully entitled entity (meaning an individual and not their business can be held responsible in a lawsuit, tax or labor dispute ) without proper documentation.

It’s beneficial to find out what an experienced, accomplished attorney can do for one’s family and property. Whether for personal or government matters, Hassler welcomes anyone looking to avoid conflict through preparation. For representation, call 970-724-4162.