Allington Inn welcomes Wil Roddy as the new manager

photo by Christy Parrott | The personable Wil Roddy, new manager of the Allington Inn and Suites, looks forward to a long relationship with Kremmling
photo by Christy Parrott | The personable Wil Roddy, new manager of the Allington Inn and Suites, looks forward to a long relationship with Kremmling

by Christy Parrott
At any given moment, Wil Roddy can be found reading a Hollywood film script or managing the Allington Inn and Suites. Roddy, an avid reader who prefers a cozy interior amongst larger outdoor spaces, along with his wife, Anastasia (a hotel designer), found Kremmling to be the perfect backdrop for their future. In fact, Roddy and his family spent 10 months living in the Allington before the hotel’s owner approached him and asked if he’d like to manage the property. For Roddy, it was a natural fit.

Originally from the Hollywood Hills, Roddy has spent his life around hospitality, previously managing his family-owned El Porto, a famous inn nestled just above the Hollywood bowl (now converted into condominiums). “It was an easy choice once the owners asked if we were interested,” Roddy explains. “I’m a city boy, but I like the wide open spaces, and I’ve always loved Kremmling.”

Roddy, Anastasia, and the “Allington dog,” golden retriever, Bentley, reside on-site at the Allington. “It’s great. We’re on call to handle anything that’s needed,” Roddy explains. How many corporate hotels can claim that? But Roddy’s never been interested in large companies or cities for that matter. With only seven employees, Roddy explains that it’s much easier to get things done quickly because they’re not constrained by corporate rigmarole. This means that the Allington is equipped to not only take care of tourists but accommodate local interests, as well.

“We’re elated to have the pool up and running, as well as exercise classes,” Roddy explains. Yoga instructor Shelly McManus agrees:
“I’m thrilled the Allington still offers an affordable venue for yoga and gong sessions. It’s nice to know we don’t have to pay a flat rate and fees remain only three dollars a person.”

Additionally, the conference room is available for birthday parties, wedding showers and a variety of options at a very reasonable twenty-five dollars per event. Roddy adds that he’s strongly considering providing the community with monthly evening-babysitting service, so parents can enjoy a night out, which would also promote local business growth.

Sustaining the local economy is a top priority for Roddy, who makes every attempt to buy and hire locally. “You’ve gotta take care of your own,” Roddy believes. Roddy purchases from the Mercantile and Northwest Ranch Supply as often as possible. “We’re not a franchise, and we take our role in the community seriously,” Roddy assures. Anymore, it’s rare for guests to reach the front desk immediately upon placing a call to a hotel, instead of being routed through a litany of corporate phone directories before they reach an employee, but at the Allington, there’s still someone there to answer the phone directly. “I’m very approachable and open to all suggestions,” Roddy says. Front desk clerk Jean Whitten affirms, “I love working for him. He’s a very capable gentleman who’s understanding and customer-oriented.” It seems Will Roddy has found his storied backdrop right here in Kremmling. Roddy smiles broadly, “I’m looking forward to a nice, long-term relationship.”