Amelia’s Campfire Pretzel……. a new, sweet tradition

Amelia Benson demonstrates how to put the Amelia’s Campfire Pretzel into the flame for the best results.
Amelia Benson demonstrates how to put the Amelia’s Campfire Pretzel into the flame for the best results.

by Marissa Lorenz
Nearly anyone who has ever sat by a campfire knows the joy and delight of roasting up a marshmallow or two. But Kremmling’s Amelia Benson has taken the nostalgic treat to a whole new level with the creation of Amelia’s Campfire Pretzel.

Amelia’s Campfire Pretzel is the world’s first “campfire ready 14” pretzel rod with chocolate and marshmallows.” It is a salty, sweet treat, that in Amelia’s words, “is stupid good.” The technique is to catch the tip on fire in the campfire or flame of your choice, remove pretzel from the flame, point down toward the ground, watch as the fire travels up roasting your marshmallows, blow out the flame and enjoy.

“I like to create an experience for people,” explains the entrepreneur. To try Amelia’s Campfire Pretzel
is indeed an experience, creating both a moment and a memory.
When asked about herself, Amelia skims over her biography, revealing simply that she was born in California and has spent the last 26 years living in many different places experiencing life to the fullest.

Three years ago, Amelia ended up in Kremmling. Having been in the food industry her whole life, she teamed up with Peter Kaiser, who specializes in German pretzels

and Artisan Breads. It was selling his product throughout the summer that brought her to the idea of Amelia’s Campfire Pretzel.

An early version of the pretzel premiered on July 4th of 2020. Amelia continued to test and perfect her product, offering the campfire pretzel experience at the Dean West and Wolford Campground. Providing complimentary hot cocoa at the Kremmling Square Scare and campfire pretzel sales that a portion of the proceeds were donated to the Kremmling Chamber and to the Grand Foundation’s Wildfire Recovery Fund.

She credits invaluable knowledge received by friends and the people she has met in the past 6 months with experience in trademarking a product, business investment, engineering and product automation.

“It’s crazy how people present themselves when you need them,” she says.

Amelia’s hope is that the business will be successful, allowing her to resume her travel adventures, promoting Kremmling as the “charming” birthplace of Amelia’s Campfire Pretzel, and permitting her to return to the support of animal rescue, a long-time cause.

Amelia participated in Shop Small Saturday and is promoting Amelia’s Campfire Pretzel as a perfect accompaniment to a floral bouquet from Flowers by Marcia, ready-to-go at Keepsake Christmas Shoppe and Middle Park Meat Co.

She can customize any order colors, labels, and packaging for any occasion and already has plans
for a special “bouquet” for Valentine’s Day.

To learn more or to place an order with Amelia’s Campfire Pretzel, go to or email directly to amelia@ ameliascampfirepretzel. com.