Are you prepared for a wildfire?


Being prepared for wildfires

Do you know what to do in the event of a wildfire? There are simple steps one can take to be prepared in the event of just such a disaster.

Ready – Take personal responsibility and prepare long before the threat of a wildfire so your home is ready in case of a fire. Create defensible space (Be Firewise!) by clearing brush and debris away from your home. Clean your gutters and roof- remove leaves and pine needles. Use fire-resistant landscaping and harden your home with fire-safe construction measures. Move combustibles like firewood away from your home. Assemble emergency supplies and belongings in a safe spot. Make sure all people residing within the home are on the same page, plan escape routes. Create a family emergency communication plan or neighborhood phone tree. Call your insurance agent to ensure that your policy is up to date. Create a home inventory including all of the contents of your home.

Set – Act immediately! If you receive an emergency notification from the Grand County Dispatch Center or CodeRED to evacuatepack your vehicle with your emergency items. Be situationally aware- stay abreast of the latest news, both reported on news crews and from your local government officials ( Look for updated information on the fire on

Go – Leave early! Following your Action Plan makes you prepared at this step of the process. Close windows and doors. Leave a note on your door letting first responders know that you have evacuated. Firefighters are now able to best fight the wildfire, knowing that you and your family are safely out of harm’s way.

Don’t let the first time you educate yourself on wildland fire be in the aftermath,

To download your free Grand County Wildland Fire Action Guide, visit

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Code Red emergency notifications

The Grand County Office of Emergency Management has instituted CodeRED® Emergency Notification System. This system allows ultra high speed cellular phone or text messaging to inform registered participants during an emergency or disaster affecting Grand County. These emergencies could for an evacuation notice, fires, flooding, hazardous materials spills or leaks and drinking water contamination.

Visit the website, gcemergency. com to receive notices on your cell phone.

Will you need help in an evacuation or emergency? Sign-up with United Way

United Way, in collaboration with the Grand County Office of Emergency Management and the Grand County Council on Aging, announces service of 2-1-1. This service could positively impact any individual living in the Grand County area that may require assistance in the event of an evacuation or extended inplace sheltering. By evaluating your own personal needs, you and your loved ones can be better prepared. Every individual can take steps to prepare for potential emergency situations.

You can call 2-1-1 and ask to register yourself, or a loved one, for the Special Needs Population Registry. Your voluntary participation in the Grand County 2-1-1 Registry will allow Grand County responders to be better prepared to respond with the limited resources available.

Assistance can include (but not limited to): • Oxygen/ventilator dependent • Life sustaining medication • Alzheimer’s/Dementia • Limited mobility/unable to drive • Vision/hearing impairment For more information dial 2-1-1 or 1-866-485-0211.