Bear Mountain Outfitters gives to the community through guided hunts

photo by Sue Strickland | The Probst family with Bud Strickland. (L to R) Maddy, Kelly, Bud Strickland, Brad and Joe.
photo by Sue Strickland | The Probst family with Bud Strickland. (L to R) Maddy, Kelly, Bud Strickland, Brad and Joe.

Bud Strickland recently enjoyed the opportunity of a lifetime with a guided hunt with Bear Mountain Outfitters.

Bud, a Kremmling disabled Vietnam veteran, was able to get close to elk on over 15,000 acres of privately-owned prime hunting land, but was unable to get a shot during the second rifle season.

“The measure of a successful hunt is not about the kill,” said guide Brad Probst of Bud’s excitement while they were out on the hunt.
“We were neighbors in town and it was so nice for Bud to get to go and hunt with special friends,” acknowledge Bud’s wife, Sue, who also appreciated the lodging accommodations at the ranch. “We are just so thankful.”

Every year, the Bear Mountain Outfitters provides a free guided hunting trip to a veteran or someone with disabilities. Ideally, the person has strong connections to the Grand County community.

“We just love Grand County so much, and we want to give back and make an impact directly in the county,” said Probst. Dave Sammons purchased one of the hunts at the fundraiser and took his son, Cole.

During the memorable hunt, Cole was able to harvest a 300+ inch bull.
“I would like to thank Bear Mountain Outfitters for their amazing generosity to our community,” said Dave of the donated hunt.

The other hunt was purchased by Chris and Sandy Burandt who were unable to harvest an elk, but did not dampen their enthusiasm. “Not harvesting an animal was not a disappointment. Being able to donate the money to our good friend was what it was all about and the hunt was just a bonus. The professionalism, accommodations, scenery, and memories made for an unforgettable experience!” said Sandy.

Bear Mountain Ranch is located approximately 30 miles north of Kremmling along Highway 40. For more information about hunting opportunities, call 970-485-9246.

Dave and Cole Sammons with their harvested elk. The proceeds from the hunt were donated by Bear Mountain Outfitters to the fundraiser for Jason Bock and Bob Dye’s medical expenses.