Benjamin Kenneth Lynch 1989-2021

Benjamin Kenneth Lynch
Benjamin Kenneth Lynch

Benjamin Kenneth Lynch, with us in this world from June 30, 1989, when he was born in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, to April 25, 2021, when he tragically took his own life. Ben was an athlete, friend, son, brother, husband, father and uncle. He was a ride-or-die, get-your-hands-dirty, quit-yer-bitchin, hard working man who excelled with his feet strapped to a board and tools
in his hands. Born and raised in Kremmling, CO, his mother, Cynthia Lynch, encouraged his adventurous spirit and taught him to be brave, she taught him to go-big. He “went big” in his many childhood endeavors, snowboarding, dirt biking, Boy Scouts, ice hockey, soccer, drum playing, bagpiping, rattlesnake hunting, and much more. His brothers Allan and Ehren Miller, taught him to be tough. They taught him respect and how to be a brother to all those he befriended… and many friend brothers he had.

At 16 years old Ben left home to travel with Airblaster and K2, where the snow grew deepest. He was young in his ability to inspire and to film, to adventure and to carve, to throw the famous Ben-Lynch-lay-one-out backflips that would drop your jaw. It was the mountains that brought him to the highest of peaks and the deepest of crevasses. His feet were always planted in Grand County and to Grand Lake where he returned to work alongside his father Craig Schmuck for Native Sons. Together they ran heavy equipment and dug into the earth. They stacked wood and kept the freezer full of meat. Craig taught him how to make a living in a small town where winters weaned out the meek and he showed him how to love.

With the love he learned, he met his dream woman and talented wife, Jenni Helms. There were few who could keep up with Ben, yet Jenni, a Ferrari mechanic and skateboarder ran circles around him, and together they began their dance. They exchanged vows August 18, 2020, continuing their lives together in Lyons, Colorado. It was there that they started their husband/wife business, Wyld Services, doing fire mitigation and excavating, side by side. It was there that they started each day in excited anticipation for the birth of their daughter, River Rose. It was there that they said an excruciating farewell to River as she passed away in her mother’s arms on the day she was born.

A turning point in Ben’s life.

Our country boy Ben was multifaceted and impassioned about living off of the land. If he wasn’t carving snow, he was happiest scoping for elk, fishing for trout , picking a guitar and turning wrenches. He was a hunter and a fisherman who carried honorable confidence in the great outdoors. He was an excavator, a logger, a mechanic and a musician. He was a simple man who required very little to appreciate the land around him and to feel the joy of a hard days work. No matter what the task, he got it done with poise anda smile. His phrase, “let’s geet er done”, was known to all.

It was Ben who was teaching us all along. He taught Winter Park how to have a little more fun. He taught snowboarders to encourage snowboarders. He taught his friends hard work and he always showed them another way. He taught us to use our imaginations and he showed us humility.

He taught us how to hug, and to take in a deep breath before our soft ribs caved. Lessons from Ben have taught each of us to be a little more creative, a whole lot more wild, and to squeeze just a bit tighter.

He was there and then he was gone. Everyone noticed when he was there. Everyone noticed when he was gone. We will await his return and we will find him when Merle Haggard sounds through the stereo. When an
ole’ blue chevy turns the corner. When the first snow of the season falls. When we carve down the mountainside. When we find an alternate route. When we sing a little louder and dance a little harder. His presence everlasting. Until next time Ben – rip in peace.

With profound love, Your family, your friends, Grand County and the snowboard community. We can’t thank you enough for the splendor you’ve left us.

In lieu of flowers, please consider donating to an organization of your choice dedicated to mental health awareness, sports-related traumatic head injuries, or alcohol abuse.

Ben’s memorial service will be held on May 22, 2021, at 2PM MDT, Grand Lake Town Park, Grand Lake, Colorado 80447. Everyone is welcome.