BLM Land Purchase Approved

Photo by Kim Cameron Town water tanks sit on the BLM land being considered for purchase by the Town of Kremmling. The tanks hold 500,000 gallons each.

The Town of Kremmling trustees unanimously approved for the Town Manager to pursue the purchase of the parcel of land from the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) where the Town’s water tanks are located. The estimated 100 acre rectangular parcels runs from Jackson Street to the western half of the old dump but does not abut any county roads. It would include the east side of Idiot’s Hill (as it is known locally), but does not include the rest of Idiot’s Hill or the tract of land that extends to County Road 22. That land is owned by State Land Trust.

BLM Field Officer, Stephanie O’Dell explains, “The Town has submitted a proposal for consideration of about 80 acres under the Recreation and Public Purposes (R & PP) Act for an extended lease (5-10 years) at the end of which the BLM would deed the property at little to no cost or they could propose to purchase the property under the same Act. Either way there would be a period of years that the town would need to comply with stipulations for a ‘yet to be determined’ period of time.”

In the proposal to the BLM, the Town Manager Mark Campbell wrote that development of the property is unforeseen at this time, the land would be continued to be maintained by the Town of Kremmling as it has been since 1975, and grazing leases would not be interrupted.