Buller Bookkeeping opens its doors in Kremmling

Andrea Buller, courtesy photo

“Relationships are an important part of my business,” said Andrea Buller of her accounting business, “books are very personal for individuals and it takes a level of trust to let someone manage them. Money can be an emotionally charged issue and confidentiality is a must.”

Andrea is not new to the bookkeeping business and has managed clients for more than 15 years, most recently in her 6-years as an employee of Bohall Neubauer & Co, a professional tax and accounting firm in Wray, CO. She looks forward to maintaining the relationship with her current clients while also forging new relationships in Kremmling as she opens her new business in Kremmling, Buller Bookkeeping.

Once clients invite her to review their books, Andrea is anxious to suggest to them where they can increase profits, analyze pricing and streamline business practices. “With one of my businesses I was able to show them with accurate reporting where they were losing money on one portion of their business,” said Andrea who says she likes to keep books, “current and clean so it shows a good representation of the business and helps small businesses avoid pitfalls. I also help businesses think through their cash flow.”

She adds, “Accurate financial statements are essential for businesses to be more successful. Clean, accurate data can help a business owner understand where they may need to tweak their business practice a little. Business owners should be able to confidently review their data at any point. I love reports and spreadsheets. They are an excellent resource.”

Andrea offers full accounting services from bookkeeping, payroll, payroll taxes and sales taxes. She also has the flexibility to travel to small businesses to do their books on site and is knowledgeable with different software. In addition she offers flexible works hours. “This is not a one size fits all set-up,” she says proudly of her ability to meet the diverse needs of her clients, admitting that she has done payroll late at night after a client decided they wanted to give a holiday bonus. “It is definitely demand based work, and I work when businesses need me to work. I always pick up the phone for clients, even on my “off” time.”

Andrea’s services can also save businesses money in the busy tax season. “I can scrub books clean and make them ready for the CPA, at a fraction of the cost.”

However, Andrea stresses the consistency in her relationships with her clients has been key to successfully managing their businesses throughout her 20 years of accounting experience, and she also stresses the importance of “keeping books clean all year long. Your reports are only as good as the data that lies within.”

“Clients are truly able to justify their choices and understand where they are in the ebbs and flows of their business with consistent, accurate bookkeeping.” Andrea admits bookkeepers can do a lot of damage and prides herself on being able to keep clear, concise and understandable records.

She also recommends that family businesses and close friends seek an outside bookkeeper. “You have to be very intentional in bookkeeping and having a professional bookkeeper can keep the relationship smoother and make it less emotional. It is tough mixing business and personal relationships sometimes.”

In her bookkeeping business, Andrea brings a unique mixture of accounting and human resources experience. She has a Business degree from Doane College with emphases in Human Resources and Management with a minor in Accounting. This mixture gives Andrea the ability to relate to business owners while also analyzing their books in great detail.

Andrea enjoys the diversity of bookkeeping and has clients in many different fields from auto body shops, farmers, banks, town governments and family run businesses. Andrea is no stranger to family run businesses. She and her three brothers had many business endeavors, one of which being colt breaking as they were growing up on their family’s ranch in Eads, Colorado and Grant, Nebraska. The family raised cattle. “Having firsthand knowledge of the agricultural lifestyle and business is a huge benefit to my profession in rural Colorado.” Today, Andrea’s four children have begun a career in 4-H and have begun to see the importance of bookkeeping in their new endeavor. Andrea and her family relocated to Kremmling last year when her husband, Jess Buller, took the position of West Grand’s K-8 principal.

“I am very fortunate to have a business that is very flexible and fairly portable and to have kept the majority of my clients in the move,” Andrea said. “I look forward to connecting with businesses in Kremmling and creating meaningful relationships while managing their books to help guide their choices. Small businesses are the back bone of our country.”

Andrea currently has an office at 111 Central and can be reached through her email at bullerbookkeeping@gmail.com.