Call to action! Keep our Town’s flag waving!

photo by Nina Wood
photo by Nina Wood

by Nina Wood

That almost constant westerly wind coming directly at Kremmling from the Gore Canyon can be gale force strong and destructive. One of the targets in its path is the Town of Kremmling flag, a name given to that large flag at the west end of town. Even with buying good quality flags to fly there, the need for replacement comes all too often. The use of a flag can be extended to 5 or 6 months, but even so, there are times when the condition is poor well before then.

Owner of West End Liquors, Laura Pettett has taken the lead in getting the new flags for the past few years, but at $1000 or more a pop, it has gotten to be more than she can continue to do. The last new flag was donated by Kremmling Residents Jeannie and Gary Heckler, both Marine veterans. He has since passed away.

The 20 x 30 foot flag is once again in need of replacement. The option of repair was explored last fall, but it is not a practical solution. Fortunately, funding for the next flag will be provided by an anonymous donor.

Continuing into the future, donation containers are being set up around town. Right now Kum & Go, the Chamber of Commerce, and West End Liquors are sites for donations. It’s likely there will be other locations as time passes. This is expected to be a long term effort.

Town Manager Dan Stoltman says the Town Board will be considering the possibility of donating any funds needed if there is a gap between donations and cost of a
new flag when it becomes necessary. Depending on the amount, approval for the money may need to come to a vote of the board and determination of which fund could be used.

The one drawback to that large Stars and Stripes is that it’s too large to be flown at
half staff, a minor issue when you consider it’s one of the first things visitors seen when they enter Kremmling from the west.

Thank you, Laura, for your efforts to keep this flag flying. Now it’s our turn.