Campground, Boat Access at Wolford Mountain Reservoir closed


Kremmling, CO — Boating access at Wolford Mountain Reservoir remains closed for the winter season and will likely remain closed until further notice, announced the Colorado River District, owner and operator of the reservoir and its recreational facilities.

Boating on the reservoir is closed every year during icing conditions. As the ice breaks up, it remains closed until inspection and decontamination operations are set up to prevent the spread of invasive quagga mussels carried on boats that have been floated on infested reservoirs.

If Wolford Mountain Reservoir was to become infested with mussels, damage to outlet works would be irreversible and very expensive to clean up on a continual basis. Mussel infestation would also significantly degrade the high-quality fishery at the reservoir and would detract from the public’s enjoyment of it.

Since March 27, the campground has been closed to additional campers in compliance with the public health order requiring Coloradans stay at home except for essential needs. The playground, pavilions and picnic tables are also closed. Boating access likely will remain closed for the foreseeable future as well.  Unfortunately, there has been recent trespass and associated damages at the reservoir facilities. The River District will request prosecution of all offenders for trespassing and violation of the state’s Aquatic Nuisance Act.

Recently, people holding themselves out to be commercial fishing guides broke through the ramp closure fencing, which contained clear notices of the closure, and launched a boat. The individuals and outfitting businesses involved in those acts have been permanently banned from using the Wolford Mountain Reservoir. Other parties who violate the closure and Aquatic Nuisance Species laws should also expect to be permanently banned from using the reservoir. The Colorado River District would greatly prefer to provide a mussel-free reservoir for the enjoyment of all residents of the District and its visitors; the public’s cooperation with these closure rules is greatly appreciated. 

On the positive side, the reservoir’s shoreline is open for fishing with participants urged to adhere to the state’s social distancing guidelines to stem the spread of the coronavirus and the disease it causes, COVID-19.

Those using the facility should follow guidelines for outdoor recreation from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment and Colorado Parks and Wildlife:

  • Recreate locally. Keep recreational activities within your own county or within about three miles of it to prevent disease spread. This is important because smaller communities, including Grand County and Kremmling, have fewer resources geared toward caring for smaller populations. Influxes of non-residents, particularly from large population areas, increase the potential for disease transfer within those local communities and increase the strain on those smaller health care systems.
  • Wear a mask when participating in outdoor activities.
  • It is best to socialize only with your household members. If you are doing outdoor activities with people outside your household, limit group size and make sure there is always at least 6 feet of physical distance between all people.
  • People should not gather in any outdoor space where they cannot maintain 6 feet of physical distance from one another. 
  • Please practice good handwashing and distancing if using restrooms at the reservoir.
  • First responders and search and rescue teams are all facing these challenges along with us. Please avoid high-risk or remote activities, as accidents stemming from these types of activities may require extensive resources.

Please refer to the Department of Public Health and Environment’s website at for the latest recommendations.

The Colorado River District, in cooperation with its partners, will open facilities as it is deemed safe to do so.