Concealed Carry Class – Part Lecture Part Hands on Use of Handguns


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The hands-on portion of the Concealed Carry Class takes place in the afternoon and is tailored for the inexperiences as well the experienced.

Concealed Carry Class – Part Lecture Part Hands on Use of Handguns

by Mark McKimmy

“There is no such thing as a ‘Make My Day Law in Colorado” says Bob Dillon, Concealed Carry Instructor. “The confusion started when the news media called it the Make My Day Law in articles. So people assumed if a person just breaks into their house the property owner is allowed to shoot to kill. This is just not true; the law clearly defines as to when deadly force can be used.” When deadly force is justified is one part of the Basic Conceal Carry Class Dillon will teach on Saturday March 25 from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. The course, which costs $85 per person, is broken down into 4 hours of classroom/lecture and 4 hours of actual shooting at a private range. 

“When I started teaching this course I didn’t think people just sitting in a classroom for 8 hours would give them the ability and confidence needed to apply what they learned. So by taking the class to a range and having them actually handle and fire a handgun would be best.” In the first several years the class was mainly attended by men but now nearly 50% of the class will be women. For most of the women this will be the first time handling a firearm. “First timers are normally petrified when firing the first several rounds but the more they shoot you see the fear drop away. They start relaxing and having fun and once it becomes fun the confidence level goes way up.” 

Dillon has been teaching the Concealed Carry classes (there are 3 levels) since 2005. During the past 12 years Dillon has taught over 3300 citizens on proper firearm safety “the way to fail this class is to disregard ANY of the safety standards I teach”, what the law actually says, when deadly force is allowed and just as important when it is not allowed. Also covered; what states accept the Colorado concealed carry permit as valid, how to choose the proper handgun for home defense, and briefly on what to expect afterwards if you do have to use the gun in defending yourself or someone else. Class is limited to the first 20 to register. 

The participants will have the chance to fire around 100 rounds of ammunition each and receive a certificate of training at the end of the class.

“In Colorado they need this certificate before they apply for the concealed carry permit.” Dillon said in detailing the steps to get a permit. “They take the certificate to the Sheriff’s department in Hot Sulphur Springs, fill out a concealed carry application, get photographed, fingerprinted and have a background check done. They pay a fee for the background check and permit then if everything checks out they will be issued a concealed carry permit.”   

The permit and background check fee is currently $127.50. The permit application can be downloaded from the Grand County Sheriff’s Department link on the Grand Count Government website .

To register for the Concealed Carry Class, call 970-724-3311, 970-333-4909 or email For information on the Concealed Carry advanced levels or other courses offered visit Please note: This training class is offered thru 4 Bard Training Enterprises Inc and is not affiliated in any way with the Kremmling Police Department.

For those who want to read word for word the applicable Colorado Revised Statutes (CRS) regarding use of deadly force, 18-1-704 and 18-1-704.5 can be found by visiting