Crack in Dam Road Deemed Non-Emergency


A small crack in the road crossing the dam at Wolford Mountain Reservoir not considered critical. Observations continue.

January 5, 2019. Kremmling, Colo. A small crack in the surface of the road crossing the top of Ritschard Dam at Wolford Mountain Reservoir was observed yesterday. Dam safety officials have been notified. None believe there is any cause of alarm. 

The crack is very narrow, less than a half inch wide and 1.5 inches at its deepest. The crack runs roughly the width of the road in an irregular line across the road. The crack has not widened in the 24 hours since first observation. 

Following protocol, the Colorado River District notified state and local emergency management outlets of the observation. 

The crest of the dam is still open to the public to access downstream fishing on Muddy Creek. The area around the crack has been spray painted Day-Glo orange, which should not cause alarm to any who observe it. Nor should anyone crossing the dam disturb the area. It is safe to step across or around.  

The River District and other safety experts will continue to monitor the crack and the dam on a continuing basis.