Create Class now has space to grow

A recent Create Class featured a silhouette of a horse with a vibrant sky as a backdrop. Although everyone completed the same basic picture everyone customized it to their own tastes.
A recent Create Class featured a silhouette of a horse with a vibrant sky as
a backdrop. Although everyone completed the same basic picture everyone
customized it to their own tastes.

Open House on February 25 to celebrate new business in Kremmling

Creativity comes in many forms and is very personalized but it almost always needs space in which to flourish. Teresa Banman, a lifelong artist and avid supporter of creativity started Create Class nearly four years ago and has been encouraging people to explore their ability to create within the context of a social gathering. She has traveled throughout Grand and Summit counties to bring creative classes to adults and children, primarily in the home of one of the participants.

To further expand the creative opportunities, Banman, along with Tiffany Freitag have opened Create Space as a place to host classes. Located in Kremmling at 111 W. Central Ave., Create Space has already been the site of several painting parties and has met with positive results and feedback from participants. The artists are scheduling an Open House from 11 a.m. -5 p.m. on Saturday, February 25 as a opportunity to introduce people to their business.

Naturally, the two creative teachers have prepared a project that combines their talents and exposes people to the new business and as a medium for visitors to explore their own creativity. Freitag’s specialty is painting on wood and her business is called Wooden Treasurers.

The majority of Banman’s classes have been canvas paintings. They both work with their clients to determine what type of subject they wish to complete and then, under the direction of either Banman or Freitag, each student generally paints the same picture, but they all take on individual characteristics. The goal of the classes is that everybody will have a finished product to take home and rightfully claim as their own creation. The cost for the classes is very reasonable (less than $50) and is determined by the cost of the materials needed for the selected project.

Classes generally take approximately 2-3 hours to complete. People are so engaged in their project and in the social aspect of the classes, Banman and Freitag note, that people don’t feel rushed or complain about the length. Freitag and Banman both love to teach and especially love to help people explore their ability to create. Banman specializes in helping people learn and take the steps they may have been afraid to take or a project they have been too tentative to try and complete.

Another advantage of having an experienced artist teach the classes is that Freitag and Banman are both adept at helping people take the next step when they feel they have hit a wall or dead end. They have the gift of being able to look at something and visualize its potential. “A lot of times, clients get frustrated because they feel they aren’t doing a good job or have even ruined a project,” she said.

“I like to help them go from that step to create something they love. It is so rewarding for me to watch their faces as they conquer that frustration level.” Both Banman and Freitag are willing to teach classes in people’s homes, but Create Space gives people another location option, it is centrally located in west Grand County and doesn’t place an undue burden on any one person to create the space in their own home for a gathering of friends. In addition, Banman said, Create Space is available for rent to other artists who seek a space in which to teach a class. Depending on the complexity of the project, the space is comfortable for 9-12 people. In the next few months, Create Space will expand to offer gift items in addition to classes. Banman said that Create Space is also a place to seek or bring inspiration. She welcomes people to talk about projects, to talk about ideas, to talk about their passions. She wants Create Space to be a place where creativity has the opportunity to be sparked and the space to blossom.

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