EMS Week Begins Next Week: EMS STRONG is “Stronger Together”

Grand County EMS photo source: https://www.grandcountyems.com/
Grand County EMS photo source: https://www.grandcountyems.com/

Grand County Emergency Medical Services (GCEMS) is proud to announce that May 20th through the 26th is National EMS week for 2018. This year’s theme; EMS STRONG is “Stronger Together,” is a true reflection of how GCEMS operates within Grand County.  This is the 44th annual National EMS Week which began in 1974 by President Ford. He dedicated the week to recognize all of the EMS practitioners that help safeguard the health, safety and wellbeing of their communities.  The GCEMS command staff is honored to work with all of the EMTs, Paramedics and office staff that make up GCEMS.

GCEMS would like to recognize the men and women that selflessly give of themselves so that others may live. Paramedics Dustin Barbee, John Byrd Jr., Sean Caffrey, Alan Gonano, Jason Haefeli, Shannon McGill, Erica Mentzer, Derrick Pavlisin, Joshua Peterson, Rebecca Polyack, Elizabeth Schenk, Kraig Schlueter, Cory Ziegler, EMT-IVs Sarah Bausano, Kristina Ekren, Ryan Gallagher, Jesse Gatewood, Nadine Kentfield, Steven Kentfield, Cooper Knochenmus, Alex Law, Charity Loar, Wyatt May, Nic Pax, Logan Price, Dustin Sanchez, Cordie Stieve, Kai Tarr, Robin Trainor, Karla Whitcare, Travis Wildeboer, Meghan Woods and Daniel Warden. John Nichols, M.D., PHD, is the Medical Director for GCEMS and the Command Staff is comprised of Chief Ray Jennings, Deputy Chief Allen Pulliam, Captains Audrey Jennings, Erich Barber, Melissa Lewis, Jeanne Power and Lieutenant Christian Hornbaker.

Thank you to our incredible community for your support!  GCEMS is proud to provide you with “Professional Care with a personal touch.”

To help celebrate EMS Week, GCEMS is holding an open house at the Granby station on Thursday, May 24th from 3pm-7pm and at the Kremmling station on Friday, May 25th from 4pm-6pm. More details will be posted on the GCEMS website and Facebook page.