Grand County Candidate Questionnaires – Martin Woros, County Clerk and Recorder, candidate

Martin Woros - County Clerk and Recorder, candidate
Martin Woros – County Clerk and Recorder, candidate

How long have you lived in Grand County?
22 years

Background —
I have over 30 years’ experience of working with business leaders from many backgrounds. My primary objective has been to bring together the benefits of technology along with imagination and human potential to meet the strategic goals and “day to day” business needs of the organizations I have served. I feel my background in management, project management and technical process represent a valuable combination of disciplines that will empower the modernization and efficiency of this office.

Why do you want this office?
As the Director of Information Systems for Grand County, I developed a unique insight into the operation of the Clerk and Recorders office. It is from this experience and personal transactions with the DMV that motivated me to apply my professional and personal skills to improve the operational level of this department.

What is your political affiliation, and what your core political beliefs?
Currently, I am a registered Democrat. Concerning the position of clerk and recorder, I believe this position should not be a politically elected position. There are many successful examples of home-rule clerk and recorders and town clerks. I think there are many qualified office managers out there who would excel and succeed in this position but don’t want to run a political campaign. I would also never use this position to favor one political party over another, or to manipulate the system to help produce a candidate to compete against someone I disagreed with. Remaining politically neutral for a clerk and recorder is paramount to running fair, honest and ethical elections.

What are the biggest issues facing the office you are seeking?
Inefficient inter-office workflow and processes. Poor adoption of best business practices and poor customer service. Chronically behind in producing meeting minutes and other reports. Slow to return calls and answer emails. Slow to post election results compared to other counties.

What would your first short term goals be if elected?
Make the customer service in the clerk and recorders office competitive with the assessors and treasurers office. From the county website you can find the main number for each of these offices. Call each office, one-by-one. My promise is to have the staff of the clerk and recorders office answer a phone call within or better than the number of rings it takes the assessors or treasurers staff to pick up. Ask the assessors staff who answers the phone to look up your property schedule number, ask the treasures staff to look up your tax schedule id, and finally ask the clerks staff to look up the reception number on your property. My goal would be that the clerk and recorders staff would be as capable to fulfill these basic tasks as well or better than the other first floor offices. I would like for Tom, Tina and I to prioritize “service first” not only in our own offices but to be an example for all other county offices.

What long-term goals would you have for the office if elected?
Make all property records viewable online, free of cost. Make records and information as publicly accessible as the assessors and treasurers offices have already. Make CDL renewals available in Hot Sulphur. Improve the process for learners permits and driver’s license testing.

What ideas do you have for developing Grand County’s economy?
Do everything in my power to get people who must visit the DMV and driver’s license office out of line and back to work as soon as possible. Create a department website that prepares new citizens with the right information to efficiently register their vehicles in Grand County. Make sure my staff is trained to work efficiently with equipment rental shops, car dealerships and others who deal with large vehicle inventories through the many DMV processes. Modernize records systems to make them accessible to realtors and others who help us buy and sell our homes. Work with Warren Ward to get and keep all plat maps viewable online and up to date.

What would you like voters to know about you?
I am your neighbor. I will always be on your side and will do everything in my power to make your experience with this office as beneficial and dignified as possible.

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The 2018 Grand County elections will see contenders for Grand Commissioner District 3, Grand County Clerk and Recorder and Surveyor. In the race for Commissioner incumbent, Kristen Manguso is being challenged by William Thompson. For Clerk and Recorder, Martin Woros is challenging incumbent Sara Rosene. Lastly, Surveyor Warren Ward is being challenged by Jeanette Lautrell. For purposes of this questionnaire, the incumbent is presented first.

It is also an election for the offices of Grand County Treasurer, Grand County Sheriff, and Grand County Coroner but no other candidates came forward to run for those offices.

The mail-in ballots will be sent on October 15 and can be returned at a variety of locations around the county, County controlled drop boxes are in the Grand County Administration Building in Hot Sulphur Springs, Granby Town Hall, Grand Park Community Recreation Center in Fraser, and Grand Lake Town Hall. They can also be dropped personally at the Grand County Administration Building during business hours and on Saturdays, October 27 and November 3, from 8:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. On election day, Tuesday, November 6, ballots can be dropped off from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.