Grand County Candidate Questionnaires – William “Bill” Thompson Commissioner Seat, District 3, candidate

William "Bill" Thompson - Grand County Commissioner Seat, District 3, candidate
William “Bill” Thompson – Grand County Commissioner Seat, District 3, candidate

How long have you lived in Grand County?
I have lived in Grand County for 66 years

I’ve been involved with Grand County issues most my life. I’m a rancher by trade. I’ve been on the family ranch since I graduated from Colorado State University with a degree in Forestry and Outdoor Recreation. I’ve been employed by the State for 40 years as the local water commissioner. My duties have included water administration of uses, irrigation rights, well permits and all local water matters.

Why do you want this office?
The voters of Grand County deserve a choice. I strongly believe a County Commissioner should be in touch with people and be willing to listen to everyone. I’m a down to earth guy and I believe I can represent the citizens of Grand County fairly and equitably. I strongly believe the government should work for the people, not the people for the government. Our tax dollars should enhance Grand County.

What is your political affiliation, and what your core political beliefs?

I’m running as a Democrat. The issues I believe in are not specific to one party and I have rarely seen any decisions at the county level based on party lines.

What are the biggest issues facing the office you are seeking?

Grand County must attract and retain competent and well-trained people. I will provide a platform where issues can be discussed without prejudices and always be transparent. I will work with towns to develop enhancements that will help those wanting to live and work here to be able to afford and do so. It’s important that we equally look for ways to support businesses while we search for outside economic possibilities. Of course, I want to keep the rivers blue and the meadows green…which enhances our quality of life for Grand County citizens and visitors who come here.

What would your first short term goals be if elected?
To develop a strong working relationship with Commissioners Cimino and Linke, Grand County Management and all staff necessary to fulfill my job. I want to keep the rivers blue and the meadows green. This is done by protecting and enhancing the assets Grand County received from the Windy Gap Permit and the Colorado River Cooperative Agreement. Grand County cannot forget how important these assets are. Grand County must work on this with help from our partners but not be totally reliant on them. Grand County needs to assist in getting the remaining funding for Windy Gap Bypass so that we can start to heal and improve the Colorado River. The County must support efforts on the Fraser and Colorado Rivers and their tributaries. We now have strong examples of what can be done and how effective repairs can be. Grand County must be a strong leader and advocate for all water issues and budget properly to guarantee success on all water matters of concern in the county. I want to support improved and enhanced access to technology for all of Grand County while supporting and funding well-maintained infrastructures such as roads and utility improvements. The future is technology for jobs, business prospects, and our citizens’ ability to access.

What long-term goals would you have for the office if elected?
I want to keep Grand County Government working efficiently and together with municipalities and all forms of government. Do all I can to promote quality and affordable health care and affordable housing. Keep our water quality, air quality and wildlife habitat protected. I want to support businesses that employ our citizens. Continue improving recreational opportunities. Protect our open space and agricultural heritage. While Grand County continues to grow, I want to ensure we are developing responsibly. Transportation and technology are critical for our businesses and our citizens, I want to improve and enhance both. I want to support and protect County employees. Grand County has always had loyal employees who take pride in serving the citizens. This must be recognized and supported in the future.  

What ideas do you have for developing Grand County’s economy?
Outdoor Recreation, tourism, agriculture and the natural resource industry  are some of our main economic driver. Supporting resources and businesses that help sustain our economy is my first priority. Beyond that, sound infrastructure supports a healthy economy. Incorporated towns have central water, sewer and utilities that support local businesses and attract new businesses. I believe Grand County needs to work closely with towns to support their efforts of having sound infrastructure and provide necessary infrastructure where appropriate from the county level.

What would you like voters to know about you?
My Family has been in this County since 1948. I have always been in the business of ranching. My background as a rancher and a water commissioner has taught me just how important our natural resources are. As Commissioner, I will always fight to protect these resources for the prosperity of our citizens and our County. I am an honest man and it would be my privilege to be your County Commissioner.

Contact information –
Call, text or connect with me on Facebook

Home: (970) 724-3853
Cell: (970) 485-0479
Facebook: William Thompson for Grand County Commissioner
ht t ps://w w w.fa ceb o ok .c om /ThompsonForGCCommissioner/?ti=as 

The 2018 Grand County elections will see contenders for Grand Commissioner District 3, Grand County Clerk and Recorder and Surveyor. In the race for Commissioner incumbent, Kristen Manguso is being challenged by William Thompson. For Clerk and Recorder, Martin Woros is challenging incumbent Sara Rosene. Lastly, Surveyor Warren Ward is being challenged by Jeanette Lautrell. For purposes of this questionnaire, the incumbent is presented first.

It is also an election for the offices of Grand County Treasurer, Grand County Sheriff, and Grand County Coroner but no other candidates came forward to run for those offices.

The mail-in ballots will be sent on October 15 and can be returned at a variety of locations around the county, County controlled drop boxes are in the Grand County Administration Building in Hot Sulphur Springs, Granby Town Hall, Grand Park Community Recreation Center in Fraser, and Grand Lake Town Hall. They can also be dropped personally at the Grand County Administration Building during business hours and on Saturdays, October 27 and November 3, from 8:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. On election day, Tuesday, November 6, ballots can be dropped off from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.