Grand County Election Results


As of Wednesday morning, November 11, a full nine days after the close of voting in Colorado, Grand County election officials had counted 10,380 ballots, representing 89.41% of registered voters in the county.

Results are still unofficial, but Grand County Clerk & Recorder and Election Official Sara Rosene stated on Tuesday that there are “only a small number of ballots left to scan” and clarified that they were those waiting for signatures to be cured. She encourages voters who receive a letter asking for cure to complete the application and validate their vote. 

Complete local voting information can be found by going to and clicking on “View 2020 General Election Results.” Go to the link in the upper right-hand corner for statewide information. 

Grand County Local & District Results

District 1 CommissionerRich Cimino (R)52.41%
District 2 CommissionerMerrit Linke (R)57.16%
County Treasurer/Public TrusteeFrank DeLay (R)57.24%
District Attorney- 14th Judicial District Matt Karzen (U)100%

Voter participation in Grand County has continued to increase over the last few presidential election cycles. Voter turnout was 75.25% in 2016 and 71.5% in 2012.

There were about 500 more registered voters in Grand County in 2012 than there are currently.

Karzen was running unopposed for the district attorney of Grand, Routt, and Moffat counties. The percentage demonstrates that he received all of the votes cast in that race. However, 43.7% of returned Grand County ballots did not vote in this race. 

1A: Countywide “de-Gallagherization”No50.15%
Kremmling 2A: “de-GallagherizationYes54.94%
Kremmling Fire 6A: ”de-Gallagherization”Yes69.58%
Winter Park 2B: marijuana sales taxYes64.47%
Winter Park 2C: “de-Gallagherization”Yes56.51%
Fraser 2D: “de-Gallagherization”Yes59.7%
East Grand Schools 4A: tax increaseYes60.84%
Fraser Valley Rec 6B: “de-Gallagherization”Yes52.86%
CO River District 7A: tax increaseYes70.95%

The concept of “de-Gallagherization” was intended to allow taxing entities to utilize floating mill levies in order to minimize loss of property tax revenue due to a 1982 CO Constitutional Amendment that regulates the ratio of residential to non-residential tax liabilities, but which did not foresee current growth trends in the state. 

However, the concurrent state vote in favor of Amendment B repealed the Gallagher amendment so that the previously mandated property tax revenue ratios no longer hold.

Granby MayorJoshua Hardy100%
Granby Board of TrusteesKristie DeLay24.79%
Chris Michalowski20.84%
Rebecca Quesada20.61%

Hardy also ran unopposed. 896 votes were cast in his favor. The number of returned Granby ballots is unknown at this time.

Colorado State & District Results 

US SenatorJohn Hickenlooper (D)53.51%Gardner – 51.49%
US Representative-Dist. 2Joe Neguse (D)61.3%Winn – 50.46%
State Senate-Dist. 8Bob Rankin (R)50.6%Rankin – 53.88%
State Representative-Dist. 13Judy Amable (D)68.06%Sipple – 51.96% 

Grand County results looked quite different than Statewide or District results. While for the first part of Wednesday there was a surprising trend toward blue in some critical elections, including those for US president, US Senator, and US Representative, the colors had changed by the end of the day and yielded opposite results.

Amendment B: Repeal of Gallagher AmendmentYes57.48%Y- 57.05%
Amendment C: charitable bingo-raffle licensesYes52.28%N- 52.93%
Amendment 76: voting & citizenshipYes62.9%Y- 67%
Amendment 77: betting limits and community collegeYes60.46%Y- 58.55%
Prop EE: tax on nicotine liquidsYes67.6%Y- 67.95%
Prop 113: national popular voteYes52.3%N – 52%
Prop 114: reintroduce gray wolvesYes50.82%N- 64.26%
Prop 115: anti later-term abortionNo58.97%N- 60.22%
Prop 116: reduced income taxYes57.78%Y- 58.85%
Prop 117: voter approval for qualified state entitiesYes52.55%Y- 51.09%
Prop 118: paid family/medical leave programYes57.63%Y – 50.15%

National Results

RACEWINNERElectoral VotesPopular VoteCO state voteGC vote
US President/ Vice-Pres.Biden/Harris290 (270 needed to win)76,983,892 (50.8%)Biden/Harris – 55.41%Trump/Pence – 49.54%

The results of the presidential election were not called until Saturday, November 7. 

Colorado cast its 9 electoral votes for Biden/Harris, with 55.4% of the popular vote, compared to 42.1% for Trump/Pence. Grand County voted 49.54% for Trump over 47.69% for Biden.

Two days before, on Thursday, November 5, the Associated Press was reporting Biden/Harris with 264 of the necessary 270 electoral votes and Trump/Pence with 214. However, the Democratic ticket only appeared to have the lead in one of the five still undeclared states. A slender lead in Nevada of 49.3% of votes, compared to 48.7% for Trump, would have provided the minimum 6 electoral votes. 

At the time, the Republican ticket seemed to be winning in Alaska, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Georgia, a sweep of which would have still left the Republican electoral votes short at 264. 

But by Saturday, the Pennsylvania vote had changed and the state’s 20 electoral votes were granted to the Democratic ticket, with 49.8% of the vote over a 49.1% vote for Trump/Pence. 

Ballots were still being counted in Alaska, Georgia, and North Carolina, as of Wednesday morning, November 11. But Georgia also appeared to be leaning blue with Biden holding a 0.2% lead over Trump. 

However, the Trump campaign has already taken action to protest the declared results of the 2020 general election. Lawsuits have been filed alleging improprieties in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Arizona, Georgia, and Nevada.