Grand County Republicans name Frank DeLay as Treasurer nominee


by Marissa Lorenz

The Grand County Republican Party’s Central Committee met last week, naming Frank DeLay as their official nominee for Grand County Treasurer and Public Trustee.

The Party considered two highly-qualified candidates, according to local chair Carl Wood, DeLay, former president of Grand Mountain Bank, and Corinne Lively, Grand County Assistant Finance Director.

“They are both very well qualified. It was a hard choice,” stated Wood. “Corinne has a strong history in accounting and at the County. Frank has an extensive background in banking and realestate. I think what made the difference, at least for me, was the opportunity to have a fresh set of eyes. It brings to the fore the value of a fresh look.”

DeLay earned a degree in Finance from the University of Colorado and worked six years as a savings and loan examiner for the federal government. He was chief financial officer for a bank in Salida, Colorado for 11 years. He and his family moved to Grand County in 2003 to help start Grand Mountain Bank, where he served as president from the opening of the bank until its sale to United Business Bank earlier this year.

“As president of the bank,” he notes of that time, “I had the privilege of working with a wide variety of residents, businesses and public entities throughout the county.”

And of the opportunity to run for County Treasurer, DeLay says, “I thank all the Republican central committee members for the selection as the Republican candidate for Grand County Treasurer. I look forward to delivering the honesty, accountability and efficiency that Grand County is accustomed to.”

“Tina Whitmer was in the Treasurer’s position for 30 years, so those are some big shoes to fill.

I plan to continue to build on what she has accomplished. I believe my background as president of a Grand County based bank over
the last 17 years provides the skills and experience to be the ‘County’s Banker.’ As a newcomer to county government, I will also bring a fresh perspective to the position and an unbiased approach to working with other County elected officials, County departments and the taxing districts that the Treasurer serves.”

Delay will run against Teri Tanton, the Democratic Party nominee, in the November general election. Tanton, who served as Grand County Assistant Treasurer for the past 17 years, was appointed Treasurer and Public Trustee by the Board of County Commissioners in July, upon the early departure of long-time, elected Treasurer Christina Whitmer.

Whitmer’s mid-term retirement means that the newly-elected Treasurer will serve out her original four-year term, and the position will be up for election again in 2022.