Grand County Sheriff’s Office – Armed Suspect in Kremmling


On Tuesday April 17th at 12:24 P.M. Kremmling Police Department was contacted by a male who said another male had just threatened him with a handgun. The victim was able to show Kremmling Police Officers and Grand County Sheriff’s Deputies the house the male suspect had gone into at 11th and Park. The victim was also able to provide the name of the male suspect and other identifying information.

Kremmling Police and Grand County Sheriff’s Deputies immediately began securing the area around the house and conducting surveillance on it. Additional Law Enforcement Officers responded and the decision was made to activate the Middle Park Emergency Response Team due to the threat with a gun. While Officers were attempting to establish communications with the suspect, he came out of the house wearing a holstered handgun. The Emergency Response Team took the male into custody without any incident or injuries at 3:20 P.M.

With the initial threat of an armed suspect in the area of schools in Kremmling, West Grand School District was notified and all schools were put into a lockout situation. The schools were on lockout for approximately 2 hours to insure the safety of the students.
39 year old Jason Bustillos was taken into custody and was transported to the Grand County Jail.