Grand Lake mayor to take the plunge, challenges YOU to do the same


With the safety and concern of our communities in mind, Grand Lake Mayor, Steve Kudron, has issued a challenge! He will take a plunge into the icy waters of Grand Lake to support the Taking Steps Cancer Fund at Mountain Family Center. He challenges friends of Grand County to do a remote polar plunge for the Taking Steps for Cancer Fund.

Mayor Kudron will take his plunge on June 28, the date of the annual Spirit Polar Plunge. Our Spirit Polar Plunge bear, Judy Tumblin, and our commentator, Ernie Bjorkman, will be with him. The video will be uploaded to the Taking Steps
for Cancer Facebook page and the Town of Grand Lake Facebook page. For the last two years a large crowd has enjoyed the Spirit Polar Plunge into Grand Lake, raising money for Grand County cancer patients. This year’s re-imagined version will work for a small crowd or just the plunger and the videographer! A Spirit Polar Plunge tradition is to allow those “Too Chicken to Plunge” in on the fun. Those who consider themselves chickens are asked to donate to support Mayor Kudron, to honor a loved one, or to their favorite plunge on Facebook.

To any interested in participating, donate to the Taking Steps Cancer Fund, online at www. , click on the polar plunge bear or cash or check at Quacker Gift Shop, downtown Grand Lake. Make a video and short message about who you are plunging in honor/memory of. Upload it to your Facebook page and tag the Taking Steps for Cancer Facebook page with option of adding our hashtag #grandplungeforcancer. For the plunge think of lake, pond, river, horse tank, hot tub, or even a backyard pool! Costume Up for maximum fun!

The Spirit Polar Plunge is the first of four fundraising events by Taking Steps for Cancer for the cancer fund at Mountain Family Center. At this time, it is important to remember, the Taking Steps for Cancer fund helps some of our MOST vulnerable populations. As we all know, people who are going through chemo or have recently undergone treatment are certainly immune-compromised and at higher risk from viruses. This makes the services offered through the cancer fund more important than ever as we try to ensure that this vulnerable population is protected and cared for while still receiving the treatment they need.