Harms & Sons Excavating helps clean up Grand County


by Christy Parrott
Harm and Sons Excavating pays Grand County residents to get rid of their unused vehicles and more. “We’ll pick the vehicle up, at no charge, and pay the owner $120,” Matt Harm confirms.

Which means not only can residents improve their curb appeal, by getting rid of eyesores, but they can also improve the environment, while making easy cash (plus, it’s tax deductible).

Based out of Hot Sulphur Springs, Harm and Sons was established in 1975 and began as an excavating, foundations and septic company. While their father has retired, Matt and his brother, Chance, have continued to operate the family business, expanding it to include a recycling facility six years ago. “We’re the only scrap metal and processing facility between Denver and Craig,” Harm says. After Harm and Sons tow away junk cars and trucks, they strip down the vehicles for everything from computer systems to copper wire and aluminum. Then, the materials get shipped by train to Denver. Harm explains, “There’s quite a bit of work involved to make a little bit of money.”

In fact, Harms and Sons don’t make a living off their recycling efforts. Often, the company has to time their shipments to match the shifting prices of scrap metal. “We have to play it just right, often storing materials, because the prices fluctuate between one hundred and thirty to only sixty five dollars per ton.” Yet, their efforts reap huge rewards for the surrounding communities. “We’re trying to clean up Grand County,” Matt Harm explains. After metals have been removed, unused fluids, which would otherwise seep into ground water are recycled locally. “We give the old gas to single parents,” Harm explains, “And mechanics use the old oil to heat their shops.” Rich Myers of Saratoga West Solutions confirms, “They gave me two hundred and fifty gallons of used oil. It warmed my shop for five months.” Such recycling efforts are important, because it keeps unnecessary chemicals out of overfull landfills as well as provides new uses for unused materials. “To date, we’ve moved thousands of scrap junk vehicles out of the county,” Harm says.

In addition to recycling rusted vehicles, Harm and Sons will also recycle large appliances, such as refrigerators or stoves, washers and dryers, and even office chairs. You can also drop off scrap metal (keep in mind, Waste Management will charge individuals for scrap-metal drop off, because they get charged by the transfer station). Harm and Sons offers roll-off service and also provides ranch clean-up. “We pay per ton for whatever ranchers have, and it all gets recycled,” Harm assures.

To find out more about how to sell that car that’s been sitting in your driveway for a few years (maybe more), or about their other services, contact 970-531-7589 or 970-406-0507.