Heids invite all to enjoy Christmas light display

Bob and Debbie Heid’s light display at their home in Spring Creek.
Bob and Debbie Heid’s light display at their home in Spring Creek.

by Christy Parrott

Trip the lights fantastic by viewing the awe-inducing Christmas light show and display Bob and Debbie Heid provide for the community at their home: 161 Spring Creek Dr (County Road 1016).

What had begun years ago as a friendly competition between Bob Heid and a former neighbor has turned into a decade-long tradition. “I saw the Merry Christmas sign my neighbor put up years ago and thought, I could do better than that,” Bob Heid jokes.

Each year, family and friends pitch in to help with the two-month preparation for what has to be the largest Christmas light display in town (if not beyond). Bob Heid hand built the 20-foot tree and large star, as well as the multitudes of giant candy canes, each lit with 48 feet of LED lights. “The ribbons were expensive,” Debbie Heid explains. “But Bob’s always loved Christmas.”

The Heid’s effort shows. Each year they add to what has grown far beyond a single sign into a phenomenal show with shimmering stars dancing to the keynotes of the Trans-Siberian Orchestra, trees flashing along with the chorus, while Santa and his reindeer punctuate the music.

Neighbor, Sara Johnson shares, “We look forward to their lights every year. We watchthem start the process in the late fall and anticipate the night they flip the final switch.”Bob Heid anticipates the production as well: “We hope they enjoy it,” he says.

When asked about friendly competition, he teases, “I’ll give them a few years to get going.”The Heids start their lights at 5pm with music playing on 98.5, and they dedicate the top of each hour from 6-9 pm to their spectacular show. “We’ve got a new amp, so you can hear the music from across the lake,” Debbie Heid shares. Lights go out at 10 pm, and this can’t-miss display will be running through the holiday season (extending a few extra days after the New Year).