Highway 9 construction update


Over 100 people were in attendance at the Highway 9 meeting on Tuesday night. Representatives of Kirkland Construction, Division of Parks and Wildlife, and Colorado Department of Transportation fielded questions and explained the project to date. Construction is expected to begin again in the upcoming weeks as weather permits. Preliminary work with signage will begin soon and construction is expected to begin on April 11. This year construction will occur during daylight hours and times will not be given for commuters. This section will begin on the south end and work towards the north. The five mile section is a mile shorter than last year and will include one wildlife overpass and two wildlife underpassess. This is one less wildlife underpass than last year. Construction is expected to conclude in November. The representations were receptive to the crowd whose concerns centered around: dust control, road maintenance, public school busing drop-offs, and scheduling. Kirkland Construction was lauded for its aggressive and timely construction last summer.

Michelle Cowardin of Colorado Parks and Wildlife reported the success of the project in terms of wildlife. Last year 47 deer deaths occurred in the fence section and this year only three did. Cameras verify that deer are using the wildlife overpasses and underpasses, and one elk has been recorded using an underpass.