Highway 9 User Rriendly for Emergency Vehicles


DRIVING INTO THE DAM – On the evening of June 22, the Kremmling Fire Department (KFD) were dispatched to provide mutual aid for Summit County. A vehicle had gone off the road at approximately mile post 121. The driver was in the water. Lake Dillon fire rescue and Summit Mountain Rescue were on scene (as well as Grand and Summit EMS). Divers searched the car for additional passengers and found none. Firefighters and rescue personnel used a rope rescue system to bring the patient back to the roadway. The patient was then transported by helicopter.

The KFD reports they have responded to three incidents that required them to navigate the Highway 9 construction. The KFD dispatch contacted the construction traffic control each time, and the construction flaggers did a great job of getting them through quickly and safely. Nevertheless, the response is a little slower than normal, owing to the road conditions.

ONLY VEHICLES SUSTAINED INJURIES – Earlier this week, Kremmling Police Officer Bob Dillon’s police vehicle was hit by another car turning onto Highway 9 as he was driving across the highway on 5th Street in Kremmling. The woman who hit the car was sober. Other than the damage to both vehicles, there were no physical injuries.