How entrepreneurs can make more money this year

Anastasia Button
Anastasia Button

Anastasia Button
by Anastasia Button

Grand County is a great place to live, love, and experience. However, it can be challenging for all who are entrepreneurs and business owners because of the small locations and population markets.
Here are some ideas you as an entrepreneur in Grand County can do to make more money without taking too much time away from your day-to-day business operations:

No matter what industry category your business resides in, you have credibility as a business owner and may consult other non-competing owners in the industry. You can take 30-minutes a week to call up businesses in other counties, states, or even internationally and ask if they need help to successfully scale their business or improvements on operations.

These potential consulting clients could be within the ranching, retail, restaurant, or service-based businesses that have had recent turnover in ownership or posted online for management positions. These are indications that they are a good candidate for consulting. Consulting can be a great stream of revenue which may reach well over 6-figures a year with part-time effort. Other positives with consulting is that it can be done over the phone or on video chat. And this doesn’t require a new website or a branding image.

Another option to make more money this year is by expanding your business with an online retail store. This may sound complicated but online store fronts like Amazon or Etsy make it simple for you in that you don’t need to create a website or a branding image. You simply take a nice photo of your item, place it on your store front with a well plotted description, and share the new product on Instagram.

Instagram is a great place for Grand County entrepreneurs to share products or lifestyle content as a marketing method to gain traffic. It’s simple and only requires a few #Hashtags to drive your ideal target to your store front link on your Instagram Profile. Check out Rebeca Flotts Arts on Instagram or Etsy, she is a Denver Entrepreneur who has created a simple and profitable retail business before deciding to create a website.

Whenever you add extra sources of revenue streams you always want it to be simple and minimal to your overall business operations, but most of all make it fun and enjoyable.

Anastasia Button is a West Grand graduate, published author, international speaker and business consultant. She helps entrepreneurs scale their revenue goals of $100k or more each year. She is also the only “Anastasia Button” on Google so she is easily found on all social media platforms. Visit her website at