Howe/Yust Bench Dedication


Many family members attended the bench dedication in honor or the Howe and Yust families. The carved and inscribed bench is dedicated to Wynn and Clara Howe, grandparents of Kremmling resident Joyce Caufman. Joyce’s mother Dorothy is cousin of Jim Yust. The bench also honors the children of Wynn and Clara, Wynn Jr., and Wilson Howe who both lived in the Kremmling area most of their lives. The bench was installed in the southwest corner of the Town Square. (L to r) John Love; Sue Love, Rosie Love; Ross Love; Don Winter; Clara Love Winter; Katie Winter; Lyla Hamilton; Joyce Hamilton Caufman; Bill Winter; Krista Caufman; Jean Hamilton Rogers; Jay Yust; Karen Howe; Stephanie Rogers; Anne Howe; Jim Yust; Kirk Henry Howe; Don Off; Jeanne Yust Off.

The public is also encouraged to visit the Kremmling Area Chamber of Commerce to view the “Then and Now” Exhibit.


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