J&S Mobile Blasting provides new era in resurfacing prep

photo by Christy Parrott | Jason and Sara Johnson, with sons Wyatt and Tyler begin their family mobile blasting business. They stand next to their DB500 Mobile S.
photo by Christy Parrott | Jason and Sara Johnson, with sons Wyatt and Tyler begin their family mobile blasting business. They stand next to their DB500 Mobile S.

by Christy Parrott
Until recently, anyone who wanted to prep their vehicle for a fresh coat of paint, remove rust, debris, even Bondo, would have had to travel to Denver, taking time, money, and jobs away from Grand County. Other work that might have been managed locally would have meant buying, renting or borrowing a sand blaster; thus, dealing with dust pollution, potential warping of metal as well as the environmental impact issues.

Understanding the need for a locally based service that delivers a superior finish in a better time, the Johnsons founded J&S Mobile Blasting, combining Sara’s business acumen with Jason’s love for refurbishing autos. “Jason’s got a wealth of experience with fabricating, powder coating, and surface prep,” Sara Johnson explains. J&S Mobile Blasting provides a new-age system of paint stripping and surface prep servicing to the community and surrounding areas. “We can do everything from cars, wheels, car parts, boats, houses, and cement,” Sara Johnson says.

J&S Mobile blasting is far more than a simple pressure washer. The Johnson’s DB500 MobileS runs on a three-cylinder diesel engine, meaning it’s a self-contained power source and water supply. With an operating PSI of 30-150, J&S Mobile Blasting can meet customers at their location, without tapping into their water or electric and get the job done, fast. “The speed is definitely one of the biggest benefits, as well as the fact that we’re mobile,” Sara Johnson explains. The Johnsons are able to quickly remove failing coatings or stains on decks and sidings. Weathering is removed and restored. “It’s anti-corrosive, so it leaves nothing behind,” Sara Johnson assures. “Instead of using sand, which can be extremely hazardous to your health, this uses media such as recycled bottle glass or walnut shells. Because it’s mixed with water, there’s no dust, so it’s safe for your lungs and the environment.”

And mobile blasting isn’t just for homeowners or auto enthusiasts. J&S Mobile Blasting can meet business property owners and ranchers at their location to remove rust from metal-sided buildings (preventing rust from spreading and ruining the entire structure) as well as assist with town clean-up initiatives. The mobile blaster can remove graffiti from cement, refurbish brick buildings, and quickly rid fire hydrants of weathered paint (a yearly mandate). More, the mobile blaster eliminates friction and heat, so metal won’t warp. It can even be used on antiqued wood. J&S Mobile Blasting leaves nothing behind but a clean environment and a primer-ready finish.

Additionally, the Johnsons provide a rust inhibitor, which allows a 72-hour window between additional coats while extending the lifespan of the blasting work and finishes to follow.

While Jason operates the machinery, Sara is well versed in balancing books, schedules and family. “This new business will allow us to spend time as a family, while providing a new service to the community,” Sara Johnson smiles. The Johnsons are accepting projects locally and across the region. For free consultation and estimate, call J&S Mobile Blasting at 970-820-0011.