Kremmling Mayoral Statement: Chief of Police


At the Kremmling Town Hall meeting that took place on September 21 at the Kremmling Town Hall, Mayor Pryor made the following statement:

“Before we get started I would like to make a Mayoral announcement.

I would like to thank the community for coming out and participating in our regular board meeting.

The Board of Trustees have been advised the police chief is a finalist for a similar position in another community.

And while we do not discuss personnel matters in public meetings, we respect Chief Rivera’s decision to pursue this opportunity.

Public safety is a priority in the community. The Board of Trustees is taking steps to ensure this remains a priority. Direction has been given to staff to prepare plans for continuity of police services.

It would be our hope those in attendance this evening will assist the board in sharing our unified message recognizing public safety is a priority for the Kremmling Community.”