Letter to the editor


Why I’m going to vote Yes on the Library District Mill Levy

The Library District has proposed an increase to their property tax mill levy in order to pay off the building debt that has been inherited from a prior Board’s poor planning and poor decision making. The proposed mill levy increase will sunset, or end, in 10 years.

I have been a vocal critic of the Grand County Library District, most recently in response to their plan to close the Hot Sulphur Springs Library and drastically reduce services at the Kremmling and Grand Lake branches. Why would I vote yes on the proposed mill levy increase? Included in a statement by the campaign committee for the mill levy are these statements:

“In the event the mill levy increase passes, it is the intention of the Board of Trustees to keep all five Grand County branches operating.”

“The funds raised by this increase will … [save] taxpayers $1.2 million dollars in interest payments over the life of the debt.”

I believe that we can hold the Library District accountable to keep these promises.

Merilyn Hunter
Hot Sulphur Springs