Library Foundation experiences growing pains


Board Member Carol Hunter and Counsel Noriyuki resign

submitted to the Grand Gazette

Issues arising over the separating of the Grand County Library Foundation is proving vexing to the Grand County Library District as board members struggle to define what the role of the foundation should be. Originally the foundation was formed in 20??. and served as an off-shoot of the library board. Its primary role at that time was ?? Now the discussion revolves around if it is a conflict of interest for both the the Grand County Library District Board of Trustees (GCLD) and the Grand County Library Foundation (GCLF) met Tuesday night to discuss budget, resignation of both a member and legal counsel, and consideration of reorganization of the Foundation, a 501(c)3. The GCLD and GCLF members are the same, each person holding the same office or position on both boards.

Sitting as the board of directors of GCLF, GCLD finance director Tara Ingle reported that the foundation 2017 income is $7,000 to date. Anne Douden, who co-chaired a community action group (CAG), with Carol Hunter (who resigned from both boards), reported that a group of Grand County citizens has been atttempting to revitalize the foundation. but a stand-still has occurred between the present Board of Directors of GCLF and the focus group over by-laws and a memorandum of understanding with GCLD.

Douden stated that the CAG had compiled bylaws and a mission statement, submitted them to the current GCLF, but no action has been taken. Sally LeClair, president of both GCLF and GCLD, speaking as president of GCLF stated that the GCLF is contemplating a change to the current bylaws and those need to be reviewed before deliberating the CAG proposed bylaws. LeClair appointed Jim Sloan and Douden to review both sets of bylaws and present the comparison results to the GCLF board.

“I personally believe the foundation has to be a stand alone, separate entity to work for the good of the District,” stated Jim Sloan. Douden said that former legal counsel’s “recommendation that (GCLF) cannot be a pass through organization “ and the separation “needs to be done”.

Lengthy discussions regarding conflict of interest and acceptance of restricted donations led by Director Marcus Davis occurred, but no resolutions were made. Ingle presented the 2018 GCLF budget. Meeting was adjourned at 6:43 p.m.

A few minutes later, the GCLD monthly meeting was called to order by GCLD president, Sally LeClair. The resignations of Carol Hunter as trustee and Georgia Noriyuki as legal counsel, were announced, and the consent agenda approved. Merilyn Hunter, president of The Friends of Grand County Library, Inc., briefed the group on Friends upcoming events.

A discussion was held on a current year appropriations budget, then Stephanie Ralph, executive director, reported September department highlights. One student has enrolled in the Career Online High School, and two more students are working through the prerequisite course. Interested persons should contact the district office or local library for more information about the program. Ralph then asked the trustees for direction on the current At Large A (District 2) vacancy with the result that the vacncy will be posted.

Ingle presented the 2018 proposed budget, which was later approved for public posting on the internet at and at the administration building.

The Board approved a “Back to School Amnesty” for overdue books and fines that will occur in November. More details will be announced by the district office at a later time. Then Sloan announced results of the trustees’ selfassessment survey, the action item of approval of the 2018 proposed budget for posting, the GCLD adjourned.