Library to offer scholarships for Career Online High School program to begin in the fall


Jeanette McQuade, Fraser Valley Branch Manager, welcomed GCLD trustees to Fraser Valley Library. for the District’s July 18, 2017, Board of Trustees meeting. Present were Sally LeClair, Nancy Knooheizen, Annie Douden, Carol Hunter, Marcus Davis, and Jim Sloan. Absent was newly appointed member, Darcey Schlichting.

The Board approved consent agenda items which consisted of June Board meeting minutes with an amendment that the name of the dissenting voter (Marcus Davis) be included re: appointment of Darcey Schlichting; check register for May, 2017, and the June profit and loss budget performance and balance sheet showing cash on hand of $ 2,870,084.89, total assets at $ 3,330,715.25, and liabilities at $ 36,006.05 as of June 30, 2017. Any correspondence that the District received was not read to the public but included in the consent agenda.

The president of The Friends of Grand County Library, Inc., Merilyn Hunter, reported that approximately $ 17,000 has been raised during Friends summer activities, which included the Kremmling Days pancake breakfast, Juniper progressive dinner, Tops of the Rockies at Grand Lake Yacht Club, summer book sales at Kremmling, Grand Lake and Granby, and Ace Hardware hotdog stand. She noted a quarterly distribution of $ 10,000 has been made to the District. The Friends’ to-date contribution is $ 20,000.

Although the District Executive Director, was absent, Stephanie Ralph’s department highlight report was mentioned. The report is available on line at – to read recent GCLD board documents go to, click on About Us, then click Board of Trustees. In the right side column click on 2017- 7 Agenda (Draft) and click on the highlighted topics to read the director’s report of district highlights. To review financial reports, go to About Us, click on Library District, then look on the right side of the screen for financial information.. Included in that report is the announcement of resignation long-time employees Joy McCoy, Julie Horne, Sarah Greenberg and Morgan Thomas. Other highlights include branch activities, youth programs, public services, technology, and library resources. The District is subscribing to SELF-e and Pressbooks. The programs enable writers to format, publish and share work online in Colorado. “Babies, Books, and Bags” made possible by a Bessie Minor Swift grant obtained by The Friends of the Grand County Library, Inc., will soon begin. Mountain Family Center, Grand Beginnings and the county-wide medical clinics are key partners.

Career Online High School program will begin sometime in September with training occurring for four weeks in August According to the report, 10 scholarships valued at $1,095 each are available for persons who have not finished high school. The program, which will enable participants to obtain their diplomas, is open-ended meaning one can begin at any time but must complete the program in 12 to 14 months. For more details about the offerings, contact Jeane Johnson, the community services director, at the District office at (970) 887-9411.

During the financial report, Tara Ingle, finance director, reported that the YMCA has remitted back to GCLD $18,693.37, which is 50% of the interest paid by GCLD for 2002-04 tax dispute. No decision has yet been made if the District will ask for a special tax abatement.

She also requested a letter of support from the District Board to be included in the District’s updating application for inclusion and designation as part of the Colorado Enterprise Zone – Grand County. The District’s assertion is that the Grand County Library services contribute to county wide economic development. During her presentation of the six-month budget review, Ingle also stated that “the Grand County Foundation funds should be stripped from the District’s budget” per the District auditor’s recommendation. Ingle presented a Power-Point on how to navigate the District’s website to view the various financial reports such as yearly audits, monthly reports and budgets.

Carol Hunter, chairperson of the Community Partners Committee, outlined a reorganization plan so that the Foundation becomes independent of the District by the end of the year, and start anew January, 2018. Presently, the GCLF is structured so that GCLD Board Trustees are the sole trustees of the Foundation. The Foundation holds nearly $100,000 in cash assets. Hunter has recruited several Grand County citizens who are willing to reorganize and revitalize the Foundation.

After clearing up some scheduling matters, the District Board adjourned and then called to order a Grand County Library Foundation meeting. The next District meeting will be held August 15, 2017, 5:30 p.m. at Juniper Library in Grand Lake, CO.