Local, established Rocky Mountain Floor Design available to residents old and new

Scott Terryberry at a flooring show in Las Vegas
Scott Terryberry at a flooring show in Las Vegas

by Christy Parrott
Remodeling has become a passion for many Americans, as evidenced by the popularity of home improvement television shows and mega retailers. For example, HGTV is ranked among the top-five highest-rated networks, while big box stores, such as Home Depot, cater to many homeowner’s desires to maintain their home by offering tutorials and workshops. And for good reason: updating one’s home is one of the best ways to ensure a return on investment.

While kitchen and bathroom materials go in and out of style (one year it’s granite, the next stainless steel), a fresh carpet upgrade can last for years. “A good carpet has a ten-year lifespan,” industry expert Scott Terryberry explains. Newer residents may not be familiar with the local, established company Rocky Mountain Floor Design, owned and operated by Terryberry, who’s been installing flooring since 1978 (and operating his own business since 2002).

Terryberry knows that upgraded flooring is one of the easiest and longest-lasting remedies to freshen up a drab, dated interior. “Whether it’s for the homeowner’s benefit or to sell,” Terryberry explains, “If you name it, I can install it. Everything from carpet to luxury vinyl planks, tiles.” In fact, Terryberry serves on the CFI (Certified Floor Covering Installers) advisory board and is co-authoring an industry-wide subfloor preparation training manual.

Anyone considering new flooring can benefit not only from Terryberry’s expertise and work ethic but can also take advantage of his Kremmling location, which means quick response time and on-site appraisal. “I’m available twenty-four, seven,” Terryberry assures. “If you call over the weekend, I’ll get back to you by Monday.” Rocky Mountain Flooring will meet customers large and small, as well as provide timeframes for appropriate prep installation (due to issues with humidity and temperatures, Terryberry acclimates flooring to specific, individual locations). Even if folks aren’t sure about upgrading options, Terryberry says, “I don’t have to get the job to help everyone figure out what’s best for them.”

Larry Gross shares, “Scott Terryberry was very thorough. He provided all kinds of samples and information on sizes and formats.
He even special ordered samples for us. He was a tremendous help.”

Rocky Mountain Floor Design will install flooring purchased from other locations, though Terryberry prefers to use materials selected from his own inventory to provide the best quality assurance. “Customers are welcome to come to my home and explore samples, or I can meet them at their location,” Terryberry says. Keep in mind, hiring a local business not only means supporting friends and neighbors, it also means putting money into the community. “When local businesses succeed,” Terryberry insists, “They’re able to support the town by giving money to the chamber, make community improvements, sponsorships and adding on employees.”

Contact by email rkymtnfloordesign@ yahoo.com or call 970-531-2693.