Local performance athletes accepted to BoonDocker Ambassador Program

hoto by Christy Parrott | hane Stieve and Cale Smiley, BoonDocker ambassadors for Alpine Motor Sports
hoto by Christy Parrott | hane Stieve and Cale Smiley, BoonDocker ambassadors for Alpine Motor Sports

by Christy Parrott
Snowmobile experts Shane Stieve and Cale Smiley have recently been accepted as Ambassadors with BoonDocker through Alpine Motor Sports and Vohk performance. The BoonDocker ambassador program encompasses the entirety of the BoonDoker team, to include product champions, ambassadors, racers, athletes and media artists. With over
thirty-five years of experience each, Stieve and Smiley are the perfect fit to represent the company because each has a thorough understanding of the product line.

Many companies are now selecting proven ambassadors, such as Stieve and Smiley, instead of using stock photos of models having nothing to do with the actual company or product because ambassadors provide real-life feedback. As ambassadors, Stieve and Smiley will showcase BoonDocker snowmobiles via social media, attend events and participate in demo rides. Stieve and Smiley are proud to share their experiences, increase brand awareness to entry- and advanced-outdoor enthusiasts, as well as promote and provide value to the dealership with their expertise and preferences. 

Brand Ambassador requirements include active participation in the community, professionalism and high-energy. When asked what he would tell his sixteen-year-old self, just gaining interest in the snowmobiling community, Smiley provides the following advice,“Nobody
cares about you. You have to work hard at it all the time.”

Stieve agrees, adding, “Keep in mind that companies are looking at social media. Attend events, become familiar with the key people and products.”
Both Stieve and Smiley are passionate about the BoonDocker lifestyle and product line, in conjunction with VOHK Performance at Alpine Motor Sports, which combines the best technologies and ingenuity to build customers the perfect, personalized sled. Smiley and Stieve encourage everyone to improve their snowmobiling skills by becoming involved with a local group, such as Routt Powder Riders in Steamboat Springs or going on a guided tour with a seasoned professional.

Find Ambassadors Stieve and Smiley at Alpine Motor Sports or social media pages, including on Instagram @ Shane.saw13 and CaleSmiley.