Local phenom Tabor Scholl helps bring home victory

photo by Dave Albo | Tabor School runs at the NCAA Cross Country Championships.
photo by Dave Albo | Tabor School runs at the NCAA Cross Country Championships.

by Christy Parrott
Tabor Scholl has reached All American Status while helping her team win the NCAA Cross Country title. As a member of the Colorado Buffaloes cross country team, Scholl knew the importance of this race, which took place on November 17, in Verona, Wisconsin. The CU Buffs women’s team had placed both second and third in the previous years, and, as a result, had been slightly discounted by some ranking experts. Additionally, the team hadn’t won a title, whether collectively or individually, for 18 years.

This win resulted not only in Colorado University bringing home a national title but also in assisting senior Dani Jones in achieving three NCAA titles. Jones will be recorded as one of Colorado’s legendary athletes. “It was a blessing, as a team,” Scholl says. “To see Dani win after what we’ve done, because we have the same coaches, so I can see what’s possible to achieve.”
Part of CU’s achievement certainly belongs to Scholl, who came in 15th. The morning of the race, Scholl and her teammates woke up to realize there were two inches of fresh snow on the track. “People from Arkansas and Alabama were freaking out, having to run with long sleeves in the snow,” Scholl explains. “But for me, it brought back so many memories of running in Kremmling along county roads.”

Scholl also credits her success to her coaches, who she follows with complete trust. “They know what they’re doing. This is their life.” Cross country specialist Coach Mark Wetmore says of Scholl, “Tabor is a gentle killer. She is fearless, but also everyone’s friend. From a wonderful family and humble town, she is going to continue to be a big contributor for us for years, then, apparently a millionaire professional cyclist.”

In response to her Coach’s teasing, Scholl explains that she began cycling to cross-train after an injury. Scholl was hesitant about the sport, preferring to run, until her father invited her to participate in this past summers Mount Evan’s bike race. Despite not being thrilled at the prospect of biking 28 miles, most of which was uphill, Tabor Scholl beat everyone, even the pros.
This natural athlete is also putting her focus on her dual major, studying both Religion and Communication.

“I want to play a role in other people’s stories,” Scholl explains. “I want to provide a bit of encouragement and find time for other people, in order to become a better person.” Scholl’s winning spirit propels us all.