Middle Park Health to take over management of Cliffview Assisted Living Center March 1


On March 1, 2019, Middle Park Health (MPH) is slated to take over the management of Cliffview Assisted Living Center located on Eagle Avenue in Kremmling.
The Grand County Housing Authority owns the Cliffview Assisted Living Center and recently severed its long-term ties to Senior Housing Options which managed the properties since 1994.
Sheena Darland, Grand County Housing Authority director, hopes to have a close working relationship with MPH and clearer communication. “We hope to have a very unified approach,” she stated.
She also commented on the future welfare of residents and wanted them to feel secure in the current partnership between the Housing Authority and MPH. She hopes with more local involvement a strong sense of community will be created.
Centura Health is expected to provide guidance as MPH takes the managerial reins of Cliffview.
The transition period will take place over the next two months. Transition will include performing nonmedical assessment of residents’ needs. MPH will also perform a physical assessment of the facility, grounds, equipment and supplies on hand. They will initiate a process of transitioning eligible employees and create a MPH Cliffview budget.
To be eligible to continue to work at Cliffview, potential employees must pass the hospital’s background and drug tests, and must have current necessary licenses and certifications. Potential employees cannot have been terminated by MPH in the past. Once hired, Cliffview employees will be official employees of MPH.

According to the contract, MPH will take on full responsibility for the operations of Cliffview and will receive a one time start-up fee of $50,000 to be used for transitioning and will then receive a management fee of eight percent of the gross rental revenues generated by Cliffview

MPH will also receive an additional $50,000 from Grand County Housing Authority in the next 15 days for a deficit funding account. This will be used to pay any operating expenses if there is not
a profit for the month. This account is to be replenished by the Housing Authority as needed.

During the October 9 Board of Commissioners’ (BOCC) meeting, Senior Housing Options Director Jim Goddard said Cliffview was the smallest
facility they operated and described Cliffview as inefficient although there
were no vacancies at Cliffview at that time. Goddard explained there had been staff turnover as well, and it was difficult to find employees.

The BOCC sits as the governing board for the Grand County Housing
Authority, and MPH agreed to adhere to the Grand County budget process. Commissioner Merrit Linke stated, “After a long series of negotiations, the
agreement that was signed will be a winwin partnership for both MPH and the residents and employees of Cliffview.” Cliffview has 24 private rooms for independently mobile adults who need a level of care. They provide basic support including 24-hour staff oversight and emergency response, home-cooked meals, snacks, housekeeping, laundry and activity programming. Medication administration, reminders for meals and
activities, and assistance with dressing, grooming, and showers is provided
according to individual need.