More remains found near Chimney Rock after skull found on Carter Mountain


On Sunday, September 16 hunters in the vicinity of Chimney Rock found some skeletal remains that are believed to be human. There was also a backpack and other belongings found with the

Incidentally, this finding follows the discovery of a human skull approximately 2070 yards away on Carter Mountain by an area rancher gathering cows.

“I was up 10,200 feet on Carter Mountain when I first saw it,” said the rancher who located the skull and marked it on a GPS locating system, On X. He took a picture of the skull to show the authorities, and was then able to direct the Grand County Sheriff’s and Coroner’s Offices to where the skull was located.

“There was lightning and I wanted to get off the mountain,” said the rancher who wished to remain anonymous, “I didn’t touch a thing.”

It was later reported, other bones and a glove were recovered higher on Carter Mountain from the original site, but the body remained missing. The Grand County Sheriff’s Department believes the two findings are related.

The remains are believed to belong to a missing person who disappeared nearly a decade ago and never found. Lieutenant Daniel Mayer with the sheriff’s office admitted, “The next challenge will be if the skull is not related to the bones.”

Brenda Bock, the Grand County Coroner, says the skull and the bones will be taken to an anthropologist who will confirm the gender, nationality, and age of the remains. The case will remain active under the Grand County Coroner’s Office.