MPFR discusses demolition derby, concert and fair plans

file photo Kim Bodemann
file photo Kim Bodemann

New CSU Extension Agent Kaitlin Lucas will be here Feb. 24

The Middle Park Fair & Rodeo Board (MPFR) held its December meeting on Monday, December 9 in Hot Sulphur Springs.

Newly seated officers are: Dakota Docheff – president, Holly Hester – vice president, Tonya French – secretary, and Carol Culbreath – treasurer. Other
members on the board are Christy Horn and Cale Smiley. Smiley joined the board in November.

Also in November, former board president Janet Engel resigned from her board seat. The board is currently seeking four additional members.

The Middle Park Fair & Rodeo is in its 104th year. The annual event now claims the first week of August. This year it will run July 31-August 9. Discussions for the 2020 Fair & Rodeo are underway.

The board has announced the popular Demolition Derby will return this year on August 15. The demolition derby has proven to be a successful fundraiser for the fair and the board sought a replacement for Get-Smashed, the former organizers of the event, after they announced their retirment from the event last year. The contract was awarded to Rocky Mountain Derby Promotions. The details and scope of the work are still being fine-tuned. The MPFR board is planning for a similar purse and sponsorship for the event as previous years.

Concerts were also discussed. In 2019, MPFR hosted Easton Corbin in partnership with the Kremmling Chamber. Both entities agreed to a 50/50 split of profits or losses. Initial financial reports presented by the MPFR board and County Finance Director Curtis Lange indicate each organization took a hit of nearly $7,000. The $40,000 of original seed money provided by the Grand County Commissioners was repaid. Even with a loss, the MPFR board optimistically looked to a 2020 or 2021 concert noting its positive effect for the county as an economic driver and considerable attraction for the fair. Docheff and Culbreath noted the Easton Corbin concert brought with it a learning curve, and they have since learned valuable lessons and cost saving measures for the future. The concert attendance is also expected to increase after successfully hosting the inaugural concert.

Another fundraising event and potential economic driver for the county being considered is a Monster Truck Rally that could be held during fair or earlier in the summer.

A food truck rally could also be added on Friday of fair week. The rally is being organized by MPFR board member Tonya French and she reported there was already interest for the event.

Fundraising and added attractions will continue to be a focus of the board. MPFR currently has over $40,000 cash in hand but did show a loss over $7,000 in 2019.

President Docheff stated the joined the MPFR board to help it become self-sustainable and she would continue with this goal.

CSU 4-H program coordinator Lacy Stovner reported there are already 80 members who have enrolled and market steer numbers have already doubled from last year. Enrollment for 4-H will continue through April Stovner also reported that the new CSU Extension agent, Kaitlin Lucas will be arriving
from Louisiana to take on her new duties in Kremmling on Feb. 24.

A report on the 4-H sale committee was given by Cale Smiley. New committee members and their respective offices are: Mari Miller – president, Tim Ritschard – vice president,

Penny Bruchez – secretary and Taura Perdue – treasurer. The committee suggested they could be changing the meat processor this year and would be including transportation for poultry this year. They asked the board to finalize the sale date. HolBOard member Holly Hester volunteered to begin working on a final draft of the schedule for 2020.