Mustangs fight hard but come up short

photo by Kim Bodemann Hugh Wheatley (#9) gets blocking assistance in the only scoring drive for the Mustangs

by Cameron Wood

The Mustangs traveled over Julesburg, Colorado to face the Cougars.

The Mustangs had a great season this year, but they finally found a team that could beat them last Saturday on the 25th. The Mustangs, and many Mustang fans headed down to play the state championship game, and fight for their state title.

The Cougars have made it to the finals two times, and won in both of the previous years. Both of the teams came ready to play, but the Cougars were just a little bit stronger than the Mustangs. The Cougars were quick to score in the first half of the game, which made it hard for the Mustangs to come back. The final score of the game was 42 to 6. The Mustangs were able to get one touchdown in in the final minutes of the game.

The touchdown was scored by a run from Hugh Wheatley. Even though the Mustangs lost on Saturday they were still able to keep the intensity high and play like the score was zero to zero.

The Mustangs went down there, and hit hard, and in the end they still traveled home with the second place trophy. Overall it was still a really fun game, and the fans were super loud. There were so many fans that the guest stands were all the way filled, and there were still people standing along the fence.

The Mustang spirit was with everyone throughout the whole game. The Mustangs had a great season, and they finished the season with an astounding record of 12-1.