New Grand County funeral director

New funeral director Jordan Ball.
New funeral director Jordan Ball.

by Christy Parrott

Grand County welcomes a new funeral director, Jordan Ball. Relocated from Utah to Hot Sulphur this past August, Jordan recently began working at Grand County Mortuary, though he “Grew up in funeral homes.”

Grand County Mortuary has been a mainstay in the county for decades, and Jordan’s family purchased the business and its property three years ago.

Spending much of his childhood in funeral homes, Jordan is completely comfortable in what can otherwise be an unnerving environment.

“Everyone goes through the grieving process differently, and I’ve learned to read people and understand how to meet their needs,” Jordan says.

A lifetime’s worth of experience has given Jordan the ability to assist Grand County residents. “I love being able to provide support and lower the stress of grieving families,” Jordan assures.

Jordan is wrapping up his Mortuary Science Technician degree and is skilled in crematory and burial requirements, both of which are not without complications. “We deal with cases involving bodies infected with HIV or Hepatitis C,” Jordan explains. The chemicals involving embalming, such as formaldehyde, also pose risks. Jordan often wears specialized, protective suits for his minimum thirty-six hour work weeks, though he’s never truly off work: “Whenever I get the call, I go to work.”

Jordan can also assist in final expense insurance, pre-planned funeral arrangements, and insurance claims.

“A typical funeral can range from eight- to twelve thousand dollars, and cremations typically run about three thousand,” Jordan outlines.

Planning ahead for the inevitable has innumerable benefits. For example, a pre-paid funeral will not only ensure the deceased wishes are met but also secures the price of the final arrangements against inflation. Similarly, final expense insurance protects families from predatory insurance practices, which may involve insurance companies collecting assets allocated toward funeral costs, leaving family members to foot the bill. “We provide an irrevocability form,” Jordan explains, “Meaning those funds cannot be used for anything else.”
It’s reassuring to know that whenever life takes its course, Jordan and his team are only a phone call away. “We’re here to help families through tough decisions with dignity and professionalism,” Jordan assures. For more information, call 970-725-9010 or go to Grandcountymortuary. com.