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Financial Solutions
Financial Solutions

by Christy Parrott

Roughly half of all Americans make some type of New Years resolution, and the majority of those resolutions involve money. Whether it’s planning to save more, reduce debt, or invest in a new home, setting one’s money situation on the right track can be daunting. Kremmling locals PJ and Mike Clark understand this all too well.

The Clarks were one of many families to suffer financially, due to the 2008 mortgage crisis. “We lost everything,” PJ explains.
In 2010, the Clarks moved from Evergreen to Kremmling and started over. In order to not fall into another financial pitfall, the Clarks attended Dave Ramsey’s financial coaching course Financial Peace University. The University offers a two-week, intensive course, based on the principles of 7 Baby Steps to Financial Freedom. Having applied the Financial Peace University’s foundational truths to their own lives, the Clarks want to help others gain financial freedom. “We can help people get control of their money before it takes control of them,” PJ explains.

PJ knows that too often the lure of a first credit card, for example, or a loan intended to pay off other debts often traps people into an endless cycle that few are equipped to escape. “So many spend more than they have because they don’t have a budget,” PJ and Mike agreed.

“This can make a crisis hard to avoid,” Mike says.

Anyone suffering from debt is encouraged to contact the Clarks. “Single mothers, widows, a couple with a new baby struggling to pay the bills,” PJ Clark insists. “It’s invaluable to have someone walking alongside you to help.”

Through New Hope Financial Solutions, PJ and Mike provide tools, direction, and accountability with multiple coaching opportunities. The Clarks offer one-on-one sessions, a nine-week course through Financial Peace University (which charges for materials only), and free one-hour workshops on topics ranging from purchasing wisely to the importance of having a legacy box (available to groups, classes—including high school classes–and businesses). Individual clients receive an initial 30-minute “discovery call” to discuss each unique situation and how the Clarks can tailor their assistance. The Clarks recommend at least three, one-hour sessions, once per month for three months at $345, and clients can receive help for six months at $650 or a full year priced at $1200.

“When people can get control of their money, the sky’s the limit,” PJ C says.

For more information, contact Mike and PJ at NewHopeFinancialSolutions@ courtesy photo or 303-885-1433. “We can understand the situation, provide solutions and instill hope,” the Clarks assure.