Our Not-So-Secret Santa, Dave Pringle to retire from UPS

Dave Pringle retires this month after beign a familiar face in Kremmling for 26 years.
Dave Pringle retires this month after being a familiar face in Kremmling for 26 years.

by Christy Parrott

Local, Bruce Miller walks into Big Shooters from the blustery cold and declares, “Dave, you’re my friend. Always.” The other patrons nod, smiling in consensus. Dave Pringle has been a part of the community, delivering UPS packages for the last 26 years. He has worked for UPS for over 35 years.

“I had higher aspirations,” Pringle recalls. “Political ambitions. But I realized there’s no greater calling than to deliver for UPS in West Grand County … You get to be Santa Claus every day.”

A long-time Breckenridge resident, Pringle has always felt the draw of a small town, so when the Grand County West route became available, he jumped at the chance. “I’ve gotten to see children grow and have their own children. They’re people I’ve seen since the day they were born.”

Pringle has taken good care of what he considers his extended family, learning exactly how they like their packages delivered, even providing treats for pets. “Everyone has been so important to me,” he explains.

The feeling is mutual. For example, Pringle overheard Nancy Harr announce, “We see [Dave] as one of the family.” “It pulls on my heart strings,” Pringle reveals. He loves the rooted nature of the Kremmling community. But while his route has remained steady, the delivery business has changed dramatically. “Amazon puts the world at everyone’s fingertips,” Pringle explains. “This has changed the delivery model,” increasing the load both in terms of size and quantity. “There used to be a fifty-pound weight restriction, but now it’s whatever they can fit in the truck,” Pringle says.

One thing Pringle is grateful hasn’t changed is the town of Kremmling, itself. “It hasn’t lost its western-heritage roots. That’s something people should treasure,” Pringle says. “It’s just dynamic enough to remain vibrant, and local people aren’t pushed out.”

Pringle plans on remaining local, as well, keeping his boat at Wolford and returning for the many Kremmling traditions. He’s hinted at his favorite haunt, “Somewhere near the TBar, in Breckenridge,” for well-wishers (and anyone in need of a friendly face).

Curiously, Pringle retires this Christmas Eve. Perhaps trading in his truck for a sleigh? When asked, he said he’ll gladly take any cookies left out for him.

Editor’s note – Well wishes can be sent to: Dave Pringle, PO Box 859, Breckenridge, CO 80424. (He says most of you probably know his cell phone number too.)