Notes from West Grand Education School Board Meeting


by Rebecca Guthrie, volunteer


April 11, 2017


Superintendent Mike Page stated that Grand County Commissioners gave $294,148 from the Forest Service federal funds. 

Senate Bill 267, for small and rural school and if passes would start July 2017, with any schools having student bodies of less than 1000 students. 

Martha Schake provided the board with actual historical figures for student count and assessed value.  Average fund balance has been $1.9m. For fiscal year 2017 fund balance is $2.264m.  The 2018 student count average is projected at 422.  There is discussion of an additional $185 per student and with this projected count there is an increase for just over $67k.  The salary step proposal for 2018 is about $58k.  The proposed medical stipend would change to $580.00.  The classified staff salary would need to be revised to meet the minimum wage requirement (by 2020) $12.00. This would cover the salary schedule and will have an effect of about $18k.  The current positions effected by the base rate adjustment would be cafeteria, custodians and paraprofessionals.   


Board Members: Tim Thomson, Susan Ritschard, Michele DeSanti, Jessica Smiley, Jeremy Bock, Travis Hoesli and Brendan Gale

Staff: Mike Page, Jess Buller, Dominique Jones, Martha Schake, Leo Pesch, Jake Johnson, James Gregory, J. Rogers

Audience:  Rebecca Guthrie

Meeting was called to order, agenda was approved. 


Keystone Science School Presentation – Fifth graders, along with Ms. Crosby and Ms. Hart, presented on their experience with Keystone Science School.   The focus of the week was snow.  The students learned through skiing, field work, evening programs, free time and dorm interaction.   

Robotics Demonstration – The two teams presented their 2016 / 2017 project.  Innovation, engineer and inspire were the goals for the teams.  They presented their fundraising activities, timeline, awards and qualifying markers.  Goals for next year include qualifying for state and receive additional awards (Inspire Award). The super regionals were further inspiring to the team.  They competed well against teams sponsored by Microsoft, Disney, SeaHawks, etc.   L. Haack thanked the community for the support to the teams. 


Minutes from March 14, 2017 were approved.

Reports –

DAC – No report given. 

K-8 Principal/HS Dean of Students – Enrollment numbers are still fluctuating.  State testing began today with a 6-minute technical delay.  The flu is going around which might impact the make-ups.  Track is underway.  Literacy night, bike rodeo and carnival night are a few of the upcoming events.   

District – L. Pesch and M. Page commented on testing and prom is right around the corner. 

Superintendent Search Update – There are currently 3 applications for the position. The due date for application is 4/17 at 4pm.  There are two other applicants that have started the application. 

Board – M. DeSanti stated the BOCES is searching for their director position.  B. Gale has resigned from the CASB Board.  J. Smiley asked about a tech meeting.  M. Page stated this would be scheduled after testing. 


R. Guthrie asked if the board intended to create a public open house for the superintendent finalist.  This will occur on May 11, 2017 at Allington.  The staff and community committee has been selected. 


Jaime Rogers – Was present to explain her resignation, it was due to a future family move.  She appreciated the opportunity and stated that she learned quite a bit during her time at West Grand and specifically thanked J. Buller. 

K-8 Math Curriculum – J. Buller presented the committee recommendation to the board.  The proposal is for Envision 2.0, from Pierson.  The estimated cost is slightly lower than what was projected and can be separated between this year and next.  This is a 6-year license purchase that does include a Spanish version. 


This addresses employment and policy review.  Three resignations were received Superintendent, Kindergarten Teacher, 6th Grade Language Arts / Social Studies.  This was reviewed and approved. 


K-8 Math Curriculum – was approved as presented. 

Recycle Current K-8 Math Curriculum –  was approved as presented. 

Set Special Meetings on April 18 (6pm), April 26 (5:30pm), May 11 (6pm), May 12 (8am), 2017, pm, this is a budget workshop. 

Add Sub User to Bank Account – M. Schake stated the additional security measure that the bank is requesting, she recommends that this person be the Superintendent.  This was approved as presented. 

Request for FY18 Budget Items, Salary Step Increase for Staff, District’s Medical Stipend Change Policy, Classified Staff Salary Schedule.  Of the current budget, approximately 85% are salaries and benefits.  The board approved the Salary Step Increase.  The board decided to table the medical stipend until the State finalizes their budget and student counts are firm.  The board approved the classified staff salary schedule as presented. 

K-8 Music Teacher – M. Stockhum has resigned so that she may return to school, this resignation was accepted. 

Items for Next Regular Board Meeting Agenda – The medical stipend will be reviewed at the May meeting. 

Executive Session – was called for personnel issues. 

Adjourned at 8:15 pm.