Onto new adventures: A look back at the impact of Dave and Leslie Jones

photo by Jerrika Jones | Dave and Leslie Jones
photo by Jerrika Jones | Dave and Leslie Jones

by Mykaela A. Jones

The town and community of Kremmling will soon say goodbye to David and Leslie Jones as they move away from their home in Kremmling Country to Denver, Colorado. Dave and Leslie have not only been friendly and familiar faces to those in town, both old and young, but they have also served this community for almost as long as they have lived here. They have not only set examples for the people closest to them but have also shown this community, as a whole, the value of kindness, work ethic, determination, and most importantly, thoughtfulness and helpfulness to those in need. As they move on to their next adventure, it is only appropriate that the community look back on all their accomplishments and the impacts they have had on this community.

Their work in Kremmling, both through multiple outlets in Kremmling as well as a multitude of volunteer projects have benefitted almost everyone who calls this community their home. Leslie Jones worked for The Kremmling Hospital Auxilary, VFW Auxillary, The Bank of Kremmling (later known as The Community First Bank), was a bus driver and lawn keeper for the West Grand School District for a total of 19 years, Volunteer work with Healing Waters, Project Sanctuary, served on the West Grand Education Foundation for 12 years, and served on the Kremmling Chamber of Commerce board for 12 years.

David Jones is probably one of the most recognizable characters in this community. Even after losing his eyesight several years ago he still continued to work with the many organizations as though he was never phased. Davy is a retired navy sailor, and while he, his wife, and their three children did move all around the country in the early years of their marriage, they and their family still managed to make Kremmling their home.

David’s service to the community includes being the the VFW commander for 19 years, servicing the Kremmling Rotary, West Grand School District where he drove a bus route for 19 years, The West Grand Education Foundation for 20 years, the school board from 2001-2009, volunteer efforts through the Kremmling Hospital, and a multitude of service to the Kremmling Mercantile and Moose Cafe (Hammer Companies). Jones stated, “The best thing that ever happened to me was meeting Leslie in 1976 and getting married in 1979. From that, we have three wonderful children and our seven grandchildren.” The Jones’ have three children, Jeremy Jones, Kendra Jones Bock, and Robert Jones: As well as seven grandchildren, Jerrika, Mykaela, Morgan and Faris Jones, Brooklyn Bock, and Kenleigh and Brody Jones.

Leslie said with great appreciation, “Kremmling has been good to us and it is really great to be part of a community that gives back. Dave and I will miss it, but we are very excited about this new adventure. We started our marriage and our life together in Denver, and we plan to live the rest of it there.”
The Jones’ plans for the future include doing more traveling and spending time with their family, especially their grandchildren.

Thank you so much, David and Leslie Jones. This community is sad to see you go but will forever be not only thankful but inspired by all the work you have done to make this community a better place.