Town of Kremmling to hold town election with 2 mayor candidates and 9 trustees. County electeds declare intent to run again.

photo by Kim Cameron Peter Moschonas helped take lights off the Christmas tree in the park earlier in January. He is one of nine candidates to turn in his petition for the Kremmling Town Council. There are four vacant seats on the board.
photo by Kim Cameron Peter Moschonas helped take lights off the Christmas tree in the park earlier in January. He is one of nine candidates to turn in his petition for the Kremmling Town Council. There are four vacant seats on the board.

Election seasoning is warming up this winter.

The Town of Kremmling will hold its election. Ballots will be mailed no later than March 19 and will need to be returned to the Town Hall by April 3, 2018.

There will be two mayoral candidates, incumbent Tom Clark and Grover Pryor. There are nine trustee candidates for four vacant seats – Leo Pesch III, Peter Moschonas, Erik Woog, Richard Terwilliger, Dave Sammons, Holly Martinson and incumbents Wes Howell, Grace Bohall and Scott Crandall. Town trustee Guy Bakke, whose seat is up for election, did not submit a petition for reelection while trustees Gina Schroeder and Jason Wikberg will serve until the next election. Kremmling Town Board members normally meet twice a month and are compensated $50 each meeting.

All of the signatures have been verified on the petitions. Candidates still have an opportunity to throw their hats into the political arena by submitting an affidavit by January 29 to be a write-in candidate.

Hot Sulphur Springs Town Election

In neighboring elections, Hot Sulphur Springs will cancel their election unless they receive write-in candidates. HSS currently has four candidates for five vacant board seats and one mayor applicant. Mayor Bob McVay has returned his nomination petition, and incumbents Nathana Janca, Dan Nolan, Tim Harvey and Ray Tinkum. HSS has one board meeting on the third Thursday of each month and is unpaid. The board could pass an ordinance to allow for future boards to be paid.

Grand Lake Town Election

Grand Lake had nine petitions turned in for four board member vacancies – Mark Mix, Jerry Hassoldt, Liza Brazil, Dustin Barnes, Lance Sabo, Tom Bruton, Julia Nesson, Andy Murphy, Shawn Bruegger, Phyllis Price, Cindy Southway and Tom Weydert. However, Grand Lake Town Clerk Alayna Carrell did caution that signatures on the petitions were still being verified. Of the current trustees whose seats are up for election, Lisa Jenkins, Shawn Bruegger, Nikki Solgot and Kathy Lewis, only Bruegger returned a petition.. The Grand Lake board meets twice a month and are not compensated.

Like Kremmling and Grand Lake, Winter Park also had nine petitions returned for four trustee seats. However, they are not releasing names of candidates until after January 29 when candidates who need to amend their nomination petitions have had that opportunity. Winter Park Town Council meets twice a month and are under home rule. The mayor is paid $400 a meeting and town council members make $200 a meeting.

Granby Town Election

In Granby, there were four board openings and five applicants returned nominating petitions. Seats up for election were Greg Mordini, Robin Trainor, Nick Raible and Deb Shaw. Raible and Shaw both returned nominating petitions along with Josh Hardy, Cathy Tindle, Natasha O’Flaherty Other boards members whose seats were not up for election were Becky Johnson, Mayor Paul Chavoustie and Paul Robertson. The Granby Town Board normally meets twice a month and are compensated $6000 annually. The mayor position is compensated $9600 annually.

Fraser Town Election

In Fraser, there are three board members to be elected. Seats that are up for election are Katie Soles, Andy Miller and Cody Clayton Taylor. Five petitions for the seats have been accepted by the Town of Fraser, Katie Soles, Andy Miller, Barry Young, Kim Daniels and Ryan Barwick. The three remaining board members whose terms end in 2020 are Parnell Quinn, Herb Meyring, and Mayor Pro-Tem Eileen Waldow. Mayor Philip Vandernail’s term ends in 2020. The Fraser Town Board meets twice a month and are paid $100 a meeting while the mayor is paid $120 a meeting.

Kremmling Memorial Hospital Board upcoming election

In other elections in Kremmling, the Kremmling Memorial Hospital District Board election will have four open board positions. All board members are up for election except for Mark “Bernie” Murphy and of the four Board positions up for election, three positions will be four year terms and one will be a two year term. According to Middle Park Medical Center CEO Robert Flake, “KMHD plans to begin publishing the “Call for Nominations” during the required time periods, which follow the January Board meeting. During the January 25, KMHD Board meeting, the Board plans to adopt an Election Resolution and appoint a designated election official.”

Self-Nomination and Acceptance forms are now available to be picked-up at the Middle Park Medical Center and are due back by March 2, 2018. If an election take places, it will be on May 8. Kremmling Fire Protection Board upcoming election The Kremmling Fire Protection District will have three board positions open. They have five board members that consist of Donald Eggers, Jim Sloan, Scott Spade, James White and Mike Clark. Seats that are up for election are Jim Sloan, Scott Spade, and Mike Clark. Self-nominations and Acceptance forms can currently be picked up at the Kremming Fire Station and must be returned by Friday, March 2, 2018 by 5 p.m.

Kremmling Sanitation board upcoming election

The Kremmling Sanitation District will hold an election on Tuesday, May 8, 2018, to elect three directors to serve 4-year terms. The directors up for election are Jason Bock, Dwayne Uhrich and Ken Bentler.

Eligible electors of the Kremmling Sanitation District interested in serving on the board of directors may obtain a Self-Nomination and Acceptance form from the Designated Election Official, Rich Rosene. The forms are available at the Kremmling Town Hall located at 200 Eagle Avenue. The Town Hall is open from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, (excluding holidays). The deadline to submit a Self- Nomination and Acceptance is close of business on Friday, March 2, 2018.

Grand County Elected Officials Upcoming elections

Grand County is also gearing up for the county elections for Assessor, Clerk and Recorder, District 3 Commissioner, Coroner, Surveyor and Treasurer. All the current elected serving in the positions have currently declared their intent to run again. This includes Assessor Tom Weydert, Clerk and Recorder Sara Rosene, District 3 Commissioner Kristen Manguso, Coroner Brenda Bock, Treasurer Christina Whitmer. No opponents have filed against the current elected officials, and no one has filed with the Colorado Secretary of State to run for county surveyor. The county elected positions all receive a yearly salary. Their election will take place in November