Peak Materials to pursue new gravel pit


Peak Materials (formerly LG Everest) is pursuing a new gravel-mining operation on the Lower Blue River on 80 acres sold to them in October by Julie Hillyard.

Peak Material hosted an open house last Thursday, December 13 from 4- 7 pm at the Silverthorne Pavilion at 400 Blue River Parkway. Representatives from Peak Materials discussed plans for the property. Peak Materials is a subsidiary of Kilgore Companies.

It was reported that Peak Materials has determined that only limited inventory of aggregate remains at the Maryland Creek site necessitating the company to seek new gravel mining locations. We understand that Peak is planning to mine aggregate at the Hillyard site and truck it to Maryland Creek for processing.

According to a community group organizing against the proposed site, Summit County Planning Department requires that a Conditional Use Permit (CUP) be acquired for such operations. The application would be evaluated based upon the Summit County Land Use and Development Code. The Lower Blue Planning Commission is responsible for conducting the review, which could happen as early as February of 2019. The Hillyard property permit would be a new one, but Peak Materials may also need the approval of an updated Maryland Creek permit since that permit may not allow the material to be imported from other locations.