Planning West Grand’s 2019-20 and 2020-2021 Calendars


As hard as it may seem to believe, we have already reached the point in the year when we begin drafting our new calendar for the upcoming year. When the board of education adopts a new calendar, there is a bit of a lengthy process prior to their March vote. Outlined below is the process as well a link to gather your feedback.

This year, West Grand is trying something new, adopting a two-year calendar. The idea behind doing a two-year calendar is to provide a little more planning time for parents and our staffulty around trips and vacations at the holidays and over the summer break. By adopting a two-year calendar, we reduce the amount of time we expend each year in adopting the calendar.

The process begins in early January, when I draft several different possible calendars for the upcoming years. In doing so, I am mindful of feedback from the previous year and thoughts shared throughout the year.  Next, is the formation of our district’s calendar committee. This committee is made up of teachers, classified employees, a board member, two administrators, and is led by the superintendent. The group has about 15 members who provide input and feedback on a number of potential drafted calendars brought to them in February. The committee has a great deal of flexibility to move elements of one calendar into another one if it fits. Once the group meets, the potential calendar selections are trimmed down and changes might be made to start and end dates, length of holiday breaks, which days are used for teacher professional development, etc. The selected drafts are then shared with community and staffulty for a round of feedback. The committee comes back together to read the feedback and make appropriate changes. The final drafts are then shared with the district accountability committee (DAC) and voted upon by our staffulty. I will then take the calendars to the board of education in March and make a recommendation for their consideration, which will be the calendar gaining the greater percentage of the staffulty vote.

We would really value your opinion on the calendar options. The link to the survey is