Recapturing the Joy of Reading

Library patron Jarrod Manguso rediscovered his love of reading through GCLD’s Virtual Book Club.
Library patron Jarrod Manguso rediscovered his love of reading through GCLD’s Virtual Book Club.

by Shelly Mathis, Library Services Specialist

“I have always been a reader. Since I was a teenager, I have had my head in a book. Somewhere along my path of life I just got busy with life and in a rut with my choice of books. I just lost my drive for reading,” admitted Jarrod Manguso, a new Grand County Library District (GCLD) library cardholder and Virtual Book Club member.

Preferring to own his books, Manguso dismissed the idea of using the library. However, he conceded the fact that owning books diminished his incentive and urge to read, so
his books often sat untouched. Things changed, however, when Manguso reconsidered the library.

“I was having a conversation with my friend Kendra about being a single dad with no real adult interactions outside of work and she brought up the library again and the book club they have.

The idea really seemed to fit the need I had for some adult interactions about something I know I love, reading,” shared Manguso.

The Virtual Adult Book Club’s unique design appealed to Manguso. Rather than focusing on a specific title, the club explores an entire genre for each quarter, during which each member chooses his or her own title(s) to read. The exploration culminates with club members gathering to share their favorite discoveries, which provide a wealth of new options for fellow readers. Most recently, the Virtual Book Club explored award-winning books. With this flexibility, Manguso was confident he would find something to enjoy – and he did.

“I wasn’t prepared for the events that first week. I devoured two of the books and was half way through another. My desire for a good story, a new adventure was rekindled. I found my drive for the adventure only a good book can provide sparked anew. The most surprising part for me was it was in books I’d never have chosen before joining the library,” Manguso acknowledged.

This story expresses the heart of the Virtual Book Club. Although each person possesses favorite genres, titles, and authors, new favorites are waiting to be found. The club opens the door for discovery.

According to Manguso, “The book club is also challenging me to give other genres a fair chance. To broaden my horizons and mind. To learn more about myself and find new depths and joys within myself. I can’t really express in words nearly how much pure happiness and joy this experience has brought me. Thank you GCLD, you’ve given me back a piece of myself I [had] lost and forgotten…”

If you desire to recapture the joy of reading, we welcome you to join GCLD and the Virtual Book Club. This spring, we are exploring books with a political bent, such as thrillers and espionage, as well as political nonfiction and biographies. Simply contact a librarian at the Kremmling Library (970-724-9228) or Hot Sulphur Springs Library (970-725-3942) to learn more. Parties celebrating the genre are slated for May 4 at the Kremmling Library and May 6 at the Hot Sulphur Springs Library.