Remembering Kremmling’s library history


Dear Editor,

First of all—-thank you for putting out the Gazette & Kremmling news. I look forward to each issue.

In reference to the article, “The history of Grand County’s first library” by Donald Dailey, I would like to give you some information. We did have a branch library in Kremmling during the 40’s. It was in a room downstairs in the old Town Hall on the square & was open on Saturday afternoons from 1 to 4. We had quite a lot of books, but if someone wanted a specific book the librarian would call Hot Sulphur, and they would send it down to us. I was lucky enough to be the librarian for a year and learned a lot and also had some fun. The older kids would always come by for a change of books and to see who else was there and what they were talking about or doing.

Many adults came, also, so things were interesting. Mrs. Bess McCullah was in charge of the operation for years but didn’t hang around much. She would unlock everything, get the librarian started and leave, and we would lock up. Her husband was our County Agent and local vet for many years, and they were both well known and active in the community. Since Mr. Mac was the vet he was known throughout Grand and Summit Counties. I had fun remembering all this & hope others of my vintage remember, too.

Thanks. Nelle Eastin Heeney Class of KUHS 1947 Vernal, Utah