Robbie James becomes senior leader of Kremmling Community Church

The James Family: Robbie, Brayden, Brook and Cynthia.
The James Family: Robbie, Brayden, Brook and Cynthia.

As the town of Kremmling celebrates the 4th of July, the James family is officially making Kremmling their new home and hopes to be part of the blessing God has in mind for all who live here.

Robbie James is the new pastor of Kremmling Community Church, and although he doesn’t quibble about what his parishioners call him, his official title will be the senior leader of the church. With that said, Robbie isn’t concerned with titles.

Representing a non-denominational church, Robbie explains that he and his family are joining something in Kremmling that God began long before their arrival saying, “We are not singular. As the Kremmling Community Church, we are part of something that is bigger than any individual … We are part of a family and community that is full of mighty people. I wouldn’t want a title to separate me from anyone.”

While Robbie is originally from Texas and his wife Cynthia grew up in New Mexico, this is not their first season in Colorado. They spent six years ministering in the Denver area previously, and most recently come from Sierra Nevada Mountains in Twain Harte, California where they directed Heavenly Hills Christian Camp and Retreat Center.
Robbie has been in full-time ministry for the last 25 years and has a doctorate in theology emphasizing discipleship. He also has a Master’s in theology and missiology and a Bachelors in Theology.

With these credentials, many might expect a fire and brimstone approach to his sermons, but his style is softer and conversational, even encouraging periods of silence to feel the love of Jesus and knowing that you are loved.

He also believes in the importance of the testimonies of others to share how their relationship with Jesus continues to transform their life.

The opportunity to serve at the Kremmling Community Church gives the James family a chance to use all their strengths and to work together. Cynthia has a background in social work and will serve as Family Pastor at the Kremmling Community Church. “We love working together,” Robbie says of their partnership.

The couple had considered moving to the Lake Tahoe area where they had recently established a non-profit but felt pulled here instead, Robbie explains, “It was as if the Lord took our heads and turned them back to Colorado and connected us with this heart for Kremmling.”

Dennis Carpenter, a leader at the Community Church echoes these sentiments, “We met Robbie and Cynthia over 6 months ago and knew they would be with us in Kremmling.”

Robbie and his family have acquainted themselves with the Kremmling area well. Over the last six months, Robbie spent one weekend each month here providing ministry, meeting with others and getting to know the area. During these visits he was often accompanied by his family and even friends.

And he has already created strong relationship within his church family, as Amber Thurow relates, “Robbie has a heart to see people come to know who they are in Christ, to seek and know their identity and purpose and to partner with God in what He is doing. When you are around the James family, it doesn’t take long to know that they love Jesus and they love you. We are SO excited to be on this journey with them.”

Robbie believes Kremmling is a good fit for his family and they will eventually have a home in Old Park. “We love adventure. We are very outdoorsy and love hiking,” he said. In California, they lived on 40 acres with their two big dogs, a Shepherd/Akita mix and Malamute/Husky. “We want to raise our family here,” said Robbie. Their son, Brayden will be entering 9th grade and their daughter, Brooke will be entering 6th grade.

“We have a heart for this community and are delighted to be the senior leaders of the Kremmling Community Church. We want to gather around God’s presence, celebrate His goodness, learn from His Word, and empower everyone to be fully alive in Him,” says Robbie of his and Cynthia’s immediate and ongoing plans.

While Robbie and Cynthia enjoy a passion for certain types of relational programming, they want to arrive and learn from the community before implementing too many things.

Robbie will be leading the weekly worship at 10 a.m. at the Kremmling Community Church and will also partner with The Gathering which meets there in the evening. Robbie, Cynthia, and the Kremmling Community Church invite you to come and enjoy what the Lord is doing in Kremmling!